another golden oldie.

Going back and re-visiting some of my furniture rehabs from my pre-blog days has an added bonus.  I can correct the photos.  Such is the case with this one, a gorgeous dresser that I painted with MMSMP in Grain Sack last fall.

Grainsack Dresser title

Those of you who are familiar with MMSMP know that Grain Sack is a white with grey undertones, some might even call it a very pale grey.  In my original photos the white balance was way off.  See …

MMS grain sack dresser.
MMS grain sack dresser.

Wow … looking back I can’t believe I was happy with these photos.  Yikes!

In the new and improved photos, you can see that the color is much more grey than cream.

Grainsack dresser closeup

This dresser has the most beautiful detail.  Is there an official term for that kind of swagged curtain?  Does anyone know?

The hardware was quite pretty as well.

Grainsack hardware

This one ended up with just the right amount of chipping to look genuinely aged.

Grainsack on an angle

This dresser sold up at the Round Barn.  I think to the owner’s mom, if memory serves.  I hope she loves it and it is serving her well.

9 thoughts on “another golden oldie.

  1. Until I used it this week, I didn’t realize grain sack would be considered a white, I was thinking it was more gray. Luckily I was experimenting and had done a first coat of trophy and then grain sack, hoping it would chip back to the trophy. I was disappointed how light the grain sack looked. I used the wax puck, but I can’t get that to work except for the edges. Hardly any chipping, but I sanded enough the trophy helped darken the grain sack. I love the way it eventually turned out. (I have a couple pics on facebook)


    1. Is it the walnut cabinet? If so, I first have to say I am so envious of the cabinet, it’s fab. I’m always on the lookout for similar pieces here, but never find them. You are right, it turned out fabulous, even if it isn’t quite the color you thought it would be!


      1. Yes it was the walnut cabinet :). That’s funny you are envious of it, because I’m always envious of what you find, even though we are still both in the Midwest. I never get very good pictures at home, bad lighting. Unless I’m actually home in the daylight and we can take it outside, but that piece is just too big to ask for help. So hopefully I can get some staged pictures of it now it is at the store.


      2. I hear you on the lighting thing! I guess part of the fun of this whole process is never quite knowing what sort of pieces you are going to find out there to revamp. And I’ll continue to be envious of yours, and you can continue to be envious of mine, and hopefully we’ll both continue to find some fab pieces to bring back to life 😉


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