humpty dumpty.

Remember the dresser that fell apart?  I’m fondly calling it Humpty Dumpty.  Well, it didn’t take all the king’s horses or all of the king’s men … although I think some horses of a different kind were involved … it just took handyman Ken and his clever know-how to put Humpty together again.

Yep, he’s already got it done!

As a reminder, here is how it started out.  In a pile on the floor.


Somehow Ken managed to sort all the pieces and start putting them back together again.


This time it didn’t fall off the horses.


These photos of the repair process were all taken by Ken in his workshop, which is far tidier than mine.


And now, Humpty Dumpty looks like this!


This is now one solid, well functioning dresser, thanks to Ken!

Next up, a new paint job.  I’m trying to decide what to do about the handles.  These are obviously new replacement handles designed to look old.  Should I keep them?  Or replace them?

All three of the keyhole escutcheons are missing.  Should I find replacements?  Or leave them as is?

Should I strip and wax the top, and just paint the rest?  Or paint it all?

What do you think?

14 thoughts on “humpty dumpty.

  1. Defintely go for new keyhole escutcheons I think they would finish it beautifully and keep the handles that you have on there, – would be fab painted with stained top!


    1. I was thinking painted with a stained top too! I just have to decide if I’m brave enough to try stripping the existing finish off the top inside my house. It’s definitely too cold here to do it outside now.


  2. I guess because my out of date dresser has those kind of handles I hate them. They “clunk” every time you open a drawer and are rather ugly, in my opinion. I know you can find much cuter, funkier knobs for this great dresser!!


    1. Sometimes it can cost more to replace all of the handles on a piece than I paid for the entire thing in the first place. So, I always try to make the existing handles work if I have them all, which I do in this case. Hopefully I can find a way to make them work!


  3. Ken is a master at furniture repair. Congrats Ken on a job well done indeed! I had a similar dresser and think this style is very handsome. Mine had cigarette burns on the top so my husband painted the entire piece hardware included because I am fond of that look. I may have mentioned before Habersham Furniture – a pricey line sold by the upscale furniture store I was a designer for- uses that technique a lot. I think it changes the hardware as much as painting the furniture changes the piece. However since this is not the original hardware I would probably try to locate something more like the original. I no longer have me piece but I might be able to get a photo of the hardware from my daughter
    who took said piece when she left home. I also would try to find the escutcheons.
    Look forward to seeing this beauty reincarnated.


    1. Great idea to paint the hardware. I’ve done that a couple of times, and I do like the end result. I think it would work with these really well, because the biggest problem with them is how shiny new they look.


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