mid-century madness.

I was overcome by mid-century madness this past week and the end result was not one, but two fabulous mid-century pieces!

2014 summer blog2

I just can’t help myself, I always envision mid-century pieces in turquoise.  In this case, I used Annie Sloan’s Provence on both.

The first one finished was your typical mid-century blonde bureau.  We’ve all seen these before (sorry, no before pic), I even had one in my room growing up although my mom ‘antiqued’ mine in lime green.  I had toyed with the idea of painting the dresser white and orange, but in the end, the turquoise won out.

blonde bombshell 2

I loved the curve to the top drawers on right and left.  And can we just take a moment to admire the hardware?  Seriously.  I’m pretty sure the Jetson’s had furniture like this (am I dating myself here or what?)

blonde bombshell pulls

I purposely did not add much distressing at all to this piece.  I thought it worked better with a clean solid finish.

blonde bombshell 4This dresser is an absolute bombshell.  She is gorgeous in person.  Wouldn’t she work well with a wide screen TV on top?  And you could store a ton of stuff in all of these drawers, there are 8 of them.

blonde bombshell 3My resident mid-century fan, nnK, loves this one!

The 2nd mid-century piece is this credenza.

mid century madness 1

I snapped this up on craigslist despite massive competition.  Luckily I was the first one to email the seller, and the seller was one of those people who believe in dibs to the first person.  It probably helped that I could send Mr. Q to pick it up right away.  I just knew this one would be gorgeous painted.

mid century madness 2

I used a combination of Provence and Old White, both Annie Sloan chalk paint.  I love the legs/base on this piece.

mid century madness 3

I kept the original hardware on this one too, I just painted the bamboo-ish portion of the pulls.

mid century madness hardwareSo there you have it, my fling with mid-century madness.

Both of these will be at my Carriage House Sale on Thursday evening.  I wish I could say that Don Draper will be there too, but sadly not.  We do have some hip mid-century cocktail shakers, and that fantastic turquoise chair you see in the pictures of the credenza though.

mid century madness collage

20 thoughts on “mid-century madness.

  1. These pieces take me way back in time. I, too, had mid century bedroom furniture as a child. I do think these pieces will move quickly for you. I also think you chose the perfect color for their new life. Love the two tone baby.


    1. I’ll be posting something tomorrow with all the particulars and some photos. But for now, mark your calendar, this Thursday, 5 pm to 8 pm and Friday, 9 am to 2 pm.


    1. Hi Jeannie, thanks for your comment! Both of the pieces in this post came with the hardware. When I find pieces like this with really unique mid century hardware I work hard to keep it with the piece. Unfortunately I don’t know where to find reproduction MCM hardware out there.


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