ECCO super sale.

Yesterday was the ‘ECCO Super Sale’.  At least that is what they call it.  You know, I have been going to this sale for years, but I have no idea what the extra ‘C’ stands for.  I know it’s the East Calhoun neighborhood, I think the ‘o’ at the end is for organization … but that extra ‘c’ … no idea.

And I’m not so sure about the ‘Super Sale’ part.  There were 58 houses participating this year, but I don’t know if it was super.  It poured rain the entire time!  Luckily my companion and I both wore fabulous rain boots.  We didn’t go around puddles, we just went right through them!  I haven’t been that soaked in a long time.  My raincoat turned out to not be so waterproof after all.  My ball cap was dripping wet by the end.  But we still had a great time, and even in the rain that neighborhood has some gorgeous houses, not to mention an awesome homemade taco stand.  Delicious!

Here is my tiny haul after a morning of slogging through the rain.


The table is quite rustic, in a good way.  I’m know I definitely won’t paint the top, but I’m toying with the idea of painting just the base.  I have another of these tables in the workshop at the moment, and I took the leaves off that one.  With the leaves off, one can use these as a small desk.  I’m going to have to study this one for a bit before I decide what to do with it.

I found a few nice glass pieces.  A large Pottery Barn bowl that would be great for serving salads or popcorn.  Another nice glass canister (Terri, do you need another one of these?), a square jar with a great green lid, and an awesome mid-century cocktail mixer.  I also came home with a pair of vintage green binoculars.  I’m thinking of keeping them as a prop for future furniture photo shoots.


This seems to be the year of the doll sized furniture.  In this case, a bow front china cabinet.  I don’t think it’s old, but is seems fairly well made.  I grabbed it mainly because I think it will be charming painted.


I love buying perennials at garage sales.  I have filled quite a bit of space in my garden with garage sale plants.  When you buy them this way, you can be fairly sure that they thrive in your climate, otherwise the seller wouldn’t have extras to sell.  Generally they also tend to be plants that spread for the same reason.  So, buyer beware, these things might take over your garden!  As might be the case with the Sweet Woodruff I purchased today.  I will plant it in my shade garden and hope it doesn’t take over too much territory.  And at 3 plants for $5, it’s hard to go wrong.

They look pretty cute in the tiny wagon I purchased, don’t they?


We called it quits a little earlier than usual due to being soaking wet, not to mention that I had plenty to do back here at home to get ready for the Carriage House Sale!  Here’s hoping that I have better weather for that!


11 thoughts on “ECCO super sale.

  1. I’m going to guess the extra “c” stands for “community” – but I could be wrong!! I have been having zero luck at yard sales this year 😦 love that table


  2. Whoa you are one dedicated garage sale shopper! Rain boots are on my list to buy. I just have not found the right ones at the right price. Perhaps the extra “c” is for community? Have to second Darrielle’s comment “Great Haul”! My favorite item the binoculars I never ever see those at garage sales – good eye. I also use both the glass canisters and the square jars in my pantry. I would love to take everything out of a box or bag and put in one of these guys. I store rice and oatmeal in the screw on lids jars. Just makes me happy to open the pantry minus advertising labels. I know I have a screw loose. The mini curio is cute are you thinking of repurposing it? And the table has promise I one similar turned into a potting table a couple of years back.
    Never heard of those plants do they flower ?


    1. You do not have a screw loose! My friend Sue has been putting her dry goods into vintage jars like those for years, and I’ve always loved how it looks in her kitchen (one of these days I’m going to do a house tour of her house on my blog). I started copying her when I added my pantry. I love having that vintage look in the kitchen. As for the curio, I’m really not sure. I just knew I couldn’t leave it behind!


  3. Good “stuff” for sure…love the jars and yes, I’m interested in them – will discuss w/you later….as always, it looks like you got lots of things to get the creative juices flowing….especially love that little red cute is that?


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