back to my roots.

When I first started painting furniture, I painted almost everything white.  I went through a lot of white paint.  I still have a few of those white pieces in my own house.

But lately I’ve been painting with a lot of color.  All of the Miss Mustard colors.  Some of the Annie Sloan colors.  It makes painting more interesting for me, plus I love color.


But, I still love white too.

So when I was trying to decide what to do with this dresser, I decided to go white.  But first I gave it an undercoat of pink.  I was hoping for lots of chippy white over pink, but I didn’t get lots of chippy.  Drat.

le petit gateau full

It’s still pretty though.  There are some tiny hints of the pink.

le petite gateau pink

I made my own pink using MMSMP in Linen with just a spoonful of Tricycle (red).

shabby chic white side view

The pink is topped with two coats of MMSMP in Linen, finished with hemp oil.

The glass drawer pulls are from a set of 6 that I purchased on Etsy.  I needed just one of them for a dresser I did last year that was missing just one (sigh, you know how I feel about missing just one!).  I was quite happy to find this set on Etsy that matched perfectly because they aren’t your typical glass drawer pull, plus they weren’t too expensive.  And now 4 more are being put to good use.

shabby chic white drawer pull

I staged the top of the dresser with some lilacs from my garden and some of my Shabby Chic books.  Yes, I have them all, don’t you?  There is a lot of white and pink in those books!

shabby chic white top

I gave this one some french flair with a subtle stencil.

shabby chic white stencil

I’ll admit, white taking the photos for this post I got totally sidetracked by how lovely my gardens are looking these days.  But seriously, this is the full view, can you blame me?

shabby chic white garden view

It feels like everything just started blooming overnight.  I have bleeding heart, foam flower, lilacs, bergenia, primrose, and allium blooming now.  I even still have some tulips and some seriously late daffodils blooming at the moment.

2014 summer blogI hope the garden still looks this good by the time my occasional sale rolls around in a couple of weeks!

Oh wait, I got so sidetracked I forgot to show a before and after!

2014 summer blog1

This lovely white dresser is available for sale.  If you are interested, leave me a comment.

15 thoughts on “back to my roots.

  1. Now this little gem is on my top five lists. I love that you painted it pink first it seems to give the finish more age. And to me age = character….nice touch. Love your choice of stencils on this one too. Looks like that maybe new? Have great weekend! I am painting adirondack chairs this weekend or that’s the plan if the rain goes away.


    1. Good eye Victoria! Yep, new stencil (and only a portion of it). They had a sale, 35% off all stencils, so I couldn’t help myself. As for the adirondacks, I’ve done a few of those in my time, they are not fun to paint. All those boards. Unless you have a sprayer … do you use a sprayer?


      1. Husband has a professional that he totes in his van to much trouble for me I have my eye on an Earlex Spray Ststion 5500 – Kelly from “The Talk Of the House” blog uses one and she gets remarkable results. If your are looking for the kind of coverage and durability outside stuff needs in my humid climate. Good point that would so make my life easier.


      2. I am not much for spraying myself. Too much work keeping the equipment clean. I’m not very good about cleaning up my tools after painting. I’ve lost more than one paint brush for that reason. I’m sure I would have a sprayer gunked up in no time. But for an adirondack, I would consider it. I’ve also been known to use spray paint out of the can (shhh, don’t tell anyone, it’s my dirty little secret). Although, stay tuned, tomorrow’s post is spray painted item!


  2. Another winner…I really like the pink undertones too. I think it brings out the character more. Soooo much better than the before. It’salmost like magic – except for the hours you put into it,etc


    1. I don’t know about you, but for me I have to really want to paint something white to go to the trouble. It always takes more coats to cover with white, so it has to be worth it!


  3. I love the pink and white! I may have to paint a piece with this color combo. thanks for visiting Petticoat Junktion and leaving such a nice comment. I checked out Jeanne d’Arc Living and what beautiful things! I love color and have just moved over to the white trend.


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