another quandie quickie.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a quandie quickie.  What is it?  Just a quick makeover that you can do in no time.

In this case, it’s a fun mid-century magazine rack/drinks table that I updated with a quick spray paint job.

I picked this up at the Blaine garage sales, here it is before its makeover.  See it?  Down front, on the right.

magazine rack beforeIt was pretty blah as is, but I knew it would pop with a fabulous color.

So I just cleaned it up with some soap and water, let it dry, and then gave it a couple of coats of Rustoleum in Lagoon.

magazine rack 1Now it’s the perfect perch for a patio drink and some reading material.

magazine rack 3If you start seeing pink elephants after a couple of drinks, then this is the perfect shot glass for you.

magazine rack 2This magazine rack would add a fun pop to anyone’s mid-century style patio.  It will be available at the Carriage House Sale!


10 thoughts on “another quandie quickie.

  1. Tons of fun! I would not have looked twice at that piece and look at it now. That sale is going to have a little of everything. Hey since it’s looking pretty doubtful I am going to be there given it’s close to a 1800 mile trip. Could you make a video of the before and after for us far flung fans?


    1. I have zero video making skills. I know it can be done on my phone, I made a short video of a sitar player at Disney’s Animal Kingdom … isn’t that random? But I liked the music. Anyway, that is the full extent of my video making so far.


    1. I’ve done that drive a few times. Back in the day when my parents still lived just outside Charlotte. It’s not completely awful, but I’m not a fan of the road trip. When I was younger I could handle it, but not anymore 😉


  2. It looks somuch better painted that color. I would love it if I had a deck or patio or even a front porch.


  3. I love a good spray paint job!!! So cute, like Victoria said, would not have gotten a second look from me either. I won’t make the sale, hope it is a great success!


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