I never would have bought this color based on the sample chips.  I also never would have found it appealing based on the Annie Sloan description, a ‘warm greyed brown’.  Brown?  Me?  No way.

Then I saw a dresser painted in it.  Yes way!  Lovely.  So I purchased a can of Annie Sloan’s Coco and brought it home.

And I decided to use it on the Bryn Mawr vanity.  You remember, the orange-y companion to the dresser that I picked up in Bryn Mawr.

2014 spring blog9

I wanted to get some more practice with stripping and staining, so I stripped the top and refinished it with the General Finishes Java gel.

It was the perfect pairing.  The dark Java finish on top with the Coco on the bottom.  I could just eat this one up.

Coco vanity 1

I’m calling it a vanity, but I don’t have a mirror for it.  Perhaps I should just call it a desk.  It’s a nice petite size, which would be perfect tucked into the corner of a living room or bedroom.

I staged this with one of the alabaster lamps I picked up at the Linden Hills sales.  I actually came home with three of them!  And I happened to find the perfect shade for it in my stash.

Bryn Mawr vanity lamp

This guy does have a bit of a flaw.  I thought the dark finish would cover up some stains on the top, and they are still visible.

coco topBut I am sure that someone out there will be able to overlook that because otherwise this vanity/desk is quite lovely.

coco side view

I like this side view shot because it gives you a good look at how nicely the Coco and the Java gel work together.

I’m sure this one will go home with some lucky new owner.  Will it be you?

It is posted on craigslist for those of you in the Twin City area.  Woops, missed it, this one is SOLD.

16 thoughts on “coco.

  1. I think this is my very favorite so far….I think the colors worked out really well and the little flaws on the top just make it more unique. It looks like a well loved piece. Wish I had a bigger place so I could snap up some of your stuff!


  2. I love Coco too and you did a great job on your vanity/desk. It makes a great wash as well (I had it color matched at my local paint store and so now I have a gallon that I use for home made chalk paint and washes). Have a great week!


    1. Do you find that the color matching is successful? I sometimes feel like the matched color is just a tad off, so I’ve never tried it with the Annie Sloan colors. I have made my own chalk paint with other colors though.


  3. This looks great… I checked the Craigslist post just to see the price and you are asking too little! What a bargain!


  4. SW ‘Ethiopia’ is a perfect, indiscernible match. Coco is one of my very favorite colors, paired with CeCe Caldwell’s ‘Young Kansas Wheat.’ LOVE them. I found when treated with ASCP’s dark wax, they took on a sage-y green color, which I love even more thank goodness!
    Anyway, not only are these pieces wonderful, with great lines, your finishing job really shows them off beautifully. Love your work!


    1. Thanks Christine. That is good to know. I have not tried the ASCP dark wax, only the Miss Mustard Seed … and a Briwax. I’m looking forward to painting another couple of pieces in this color, it is so fab in person.


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