After a cold and rainy Friday, Saturday dawned bright and sunny.  Perfect garage sale weather.

This week’s neighborhood garage sale was in Blaine.  We had high hopes because they had 150+ sales, and even had official porta-potty locations and concessions stands.  Hey, it doesn’t take much to make die hard garage salers happy.

We got there and found tons of people.  Parking spots were few and far between.  We had to park and then walk …. and walk … and walk.  Luckily we had a cart to haul our goodies in, and I wore my serious walking shoes.

My first fab find was this old coffee jar.  I love these old jars.

Blaine coffee jar

My next great find was this old newel post.  The sellers told us all about how they took it out of their 1901 house.  We didn’t have the heart to ask what they put in its place.  I’m guessing something ‘new’.  Quelle horreur!  Why would you remove this?

Blaine newel postI plan to try a MMS layered paint job on it to make it super chippy and shabby.

I grabbed this little camp stool just because I loved the shades of green on its seat.  Can’t you picture it next to a comfy chair with a stack of magazines on top?

Blaine camp stool

My absolute best find of the day was this dress form.  Isn’t she lovely?

Blaine dress form 2

These have become so popular, you don’t see many of them at garage sales anymore.

There were a few more treasures in our truck, Bee’s Knees brought home a lovely waterfall style dresser that she is going to refurbish.  I found a few more small things for my occasional sale.  We must have walked miles, which certainly means we burnt off the corn dogs we ate, right?

Next weekend we are back in Minneapolis, most likely Linden Hills.  Hopefully there will be more fab finds waiting for us there.


3 thoughts on “blaine.

  1. Really someone removed that Newell post good eye on grabbing that piece look forward to seeing how you reinvent it. Love the camp stool too great idea using it for magazines.


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