robin’s egg blue.

For the curvy gams dresser I decided to create my own Miss Mustard Seed paint color by mixing several colors together and I absolutely LOVE how it turned out!  In honor of spring, I am calling it Robin’s Egg Blue.

robins egg postcard

The color is almost an exact match for the aqua flower frogs that I picked up at Junk Bonanza.

robins egg paint

Here is the recipe:

1/4 cup Luckett’s Green

1/2 cup Eulalie’s Sky

2 T Flow Blue

Mix well with equal parts water.

This made more than enough paint for two coats on this dresser.  I also painted a mirror frame and still have a little paint left over.  And in case you are wondering, yes, my paintbrush really looks this bad.

And without any further ado, here is the robin’s egg blue dresser.

robins egg blue 3

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I LOVE this color.  This color is ME.  I wish I had a spot for this dresser, but alas, I do not.  However, I do plan to paint something of my own in this mix.  I have a small wash stand on my front porch that I may paint in this.  Or perhaps even just a small chair or stool.  Definitely something.

As you can see, this dresser has a fair amount of chippy fabulousity.  I love the way it looks like you just hauled it out of granny’s attic.

I changed out the knobs for all glass.  The existing pulls were OK, but I just didn’t think they were right with this color.  I’ll save them for use on another piece down the road.  I finished this dresser with Miss Mustard Seed clear wax, the color was so lovely that I didn’t want to alter it too much with hemp oil or a dark wax.

2014 spring blog5

I really struggle with capturing accurate color in my photos.  Do any of you have this problem?  I know I need to correct the white balance in some of these.robins egg 1

Somehow these pictures don’t seem so bad on my home computer, but then when I look at them on my phone or my work computer, I see that they need work.  I’m trying to work on my photography skills as I go.  Hopefully they will improve with time! robins egg 6

Anyway, in this picture you can see that the top didn’t chip nearly as much as the drawer fronts.  This seems to be an ongoing question with the milk paint, and as most will tell you, oftentimes you just can’t predict the chippy.  I will tell you that I sanded the top and sides of this dresser with a palm sander, and I sanded the drawer fronts by hand.  I didn’t sand the edge around the top at all.  Obviously the areas that were sanded most thoroughly (with the palm sander) had the least amount of chipping.  I generally find this to be true.


If you are interested in purchasing the robins egg dresser, it is available for $225 , woops, you missed it!  It’s sold!

15 thoughts on “robin’s egg blue.

  1. Oh hunney, those curvy gams! During the Victorian period they would cover the “legs” of the furniture (most commonly pianos), to accent the decency of the home. I have never seen a picture of such coverings, so I have no idea how they actually looked, but maybe that would work for a piece that was beautiful but had ugly or problem legs.


  2. I completely understand why you love the shade of robins egg blue. Thanks for sharing your recipe Quandie. Since this was my favorite piece from the lot you showed in the last post you know how I feel about it. I suspect the shipping notice is for readers like me who are drooling. And you do what you do with that little ole brush? Amazing!


    1. LOL … yep, that paintbrush has transformed a lot of stuff! As for shipping, I did have someone from Seattle who wanted to buy a dresser from me once. She looked into shipping and it was $800!! I know there are people out there who do what I do, and are somehow able to ship their pieces, but the frugal side of me can’t even imagine that the cost of shipping is worth it. You could always drive to Minnesota 😉 it’s not that far.


    1. This was a funny one because the surface was so dry going in, I really didn’t think I’d get much chipping at all. You just never know sometimes! Do you find that you get a lot more buildup in your paint brushes with the milk paint than with other paints? Somehow I just don’t have the patience to get all of that cleaned out of there.


  3. That is just the perfect color. Thank you so much for sharing, this Texas girl is going to try and do that! It is beautiful Wish I could pick it right up!


  4. Very pretty ! I find the first pic looks like Robin’s Egg Blue but the others are more green. All very pretty but you asked about color :). I’m a new follower and came here via MMS’s FF. Looking forward to exploring your blog !!!


    1. Welcome! Yep, I definitely had some white balance issues with my photos when I did this one. I’ve since calibrated my computer monitor and I think it helped some because now I can see when the pictures are really off and adjust the color. Live and learn!


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