does anybody really know what time it is.

A few years back I started a little collection of vintage alarm clocks.  I display them all together on my yardstick shelves.


 None of them are actually set to the current time.  I saw a clever idea once, can’t remember where, but it was to set them to numbers that are meaningful to you.  Birthdays?  Anniversaries?  You know, like 6:24 (my anniversary and my granddaughter’s birthday).  I haven’t done this, but I like the idea.

clocks 5

They come in handy for furniture photo shoots.  I tend to use my favorite square Gilbert clock for this most often.  I just love his art deco look.  I love most design from that era, but thank goodness I wasn’t around then.  The flapper look would not have worked on a curvy gal like me.

clocks 1

I have a slew of Big Ben’s.  I try not to add duplicates to my collection, and these are all different.  White with white face, black with white face, white with black face … you get the idea.

clocks 7Funny story.  Before I started collecting vintage clocks, I came across an entire box filled with them at a garage sale.  Asking price:  $3 each.  Did I buy them?  No!  Can you imagine?  To this day I can’t imagine what I was thinking!  I die a little inside each time I remember this.

I would love to find more clocks that have some color.  All of mine are black or white except for the one I picked up out in Las Vegas.  Hmmm, more art deco style … I’m sensing a trend.

clocks 3

I would love to find an aqua clock.  Bees Knees has a fantastic black clock with an aqua face!  See is below?  2nd from left.  I tried to steal it once when she wasn’t looking, but no success.  And FYI, she got the yardstick shelf from me.  I had Ken make several of them with a stash of vintage yardsticks I found.  They took an inordinately long time to sell.  I thought they would get snatched up uber quickly, but no.  I finally sold the last one I had at Junk Bonanza for $12.

jeannes clock

Now that my yardstick shelves are full, a clock will have to be extra special to make it into my collection.  But, if I spot any vintage clocks at garage sales this summer, I will scoop them up for the Carriage House Sale.  I may have to knock Bees Knees down to get to it first though.  As you can see, she loves them too!

clocks 2

 This coming Saturday kicks off neighborhood garage sale season here in Minnesota.  Bees Knees, the Sherpa, Kit Kat and I are raring to go!  I’m not quite sure how we will contain ourselves until then.   I will report back with our finds.  Stay tuned!

6 thoughts on “does anybody really know what time it is.

  1. I just love your clocks and they look perfect on those clever shelves. I had my father’s collection of Brownie cameras that somehow got lost in our move to this home 2004. I die every time I see a collection of those as well. Like clocks grouped together they become such interesting pieces of art. Garage sales are starting full force here this weekend as well. There are so many signs out looks like someone is running for office. Now it’s deciding which Safari to go on if you know what I mean.


  2. You know, I really like it when you mention which items, colors, etc. sell and which don’t. That is so helpful! I will definitely incorporate that special date into my non-working clocks. You are always coming up with something that I find useful.


    1. Thanks Ginene! I try to give honest info. I certainly try things that don’t work for me all the time. And I have to admit, sometimes I am not the best of judge of which things will be a big hit and which won’t. A lot of the time it just ends up being a guessing game. I’m happy to pass on the info.


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