take a seat.

Remember the french cane back chair I picked up a few weeks ago?

french cane back chair before

I originally purchased the chair thinking that I would attempt to reupholster it, but I’ll admit I chickened out.  No excuses really, just plain chicken.  Then I decided I would paint the upholstery.  I didn’t especially like the results.  In the end, I asked my friend Sue to sew a new cover for the cushion, and I just left the underneath upholstery painted.  I gave Sue a basic painter’s drop cloth to use on the cushion.  Once it was sewn, I stenciled it.  In hindsight, it would have been easier to stencil the fabric first, or at least before the cushion was in place.  It was difficult to get a good result because there was so much give under the fabric.  I’ll try to remember that for next time.

But, overall, I think the chair is darling.

IMG_7749I painted it with MMS milk paint in Linen.  It’s a lovely, creamy white.  I takes more coats to cover with the white paint than the other colors, this chair has 3 coats on it.  Some spots probably could have used 4, but I didn’t have the patience.

To be honest, these sort of projects are more work than they are worth if the goal is to sell it and make a profit.  Which is my plan.  If you just wanted to do it for yourself though, it’s very doable.  I think the chair went from outdated to chic for sure.

french chair collage

6 thoughts on “take a seat.

  1. I really like this chair and the stenciled seat. What a difference. And thanks for putting the thought in my head that some things can be done for the joy of putting a great older piece of good quality furniture back into use. To enjoy its design and use is a thing of beauty. I see you have radiators, too. I love mine and don’t know if I would ever buy property with forced air again.


    1. I am always amazed that one little radiator that is kinda warm can heat up an entire room. I’m sure there is some kind of physics behind this phenomenon, but I can’t wrap my head around that stuff. However it works, I have to say that I do love them too. They provide cozy spots for the cat to snooze in and are convenient for drying hats & gloves on snowy days too. What would we do without them?


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