the Hudson.

I sent my husband to Hudson, Wisconsin to pick up this fabulous dresser last Friday.  I wanted to make it another date night furniture pick up, but the seller was only available during the day.  Mr. Q is still in training when it comes to judging whether a piece of furniture is good, but he is learning quickly.  He thought I would love this one, and he was right.

tall Hudson beforeIt has its flaws, as they all do.  Some problems with separating veneer, one leg is pretty chewed up, and there was a missing piece of trim.  My cat Lucy was helping me with the inspection, and posed for this shot of the missing trim.  She really loves a good photo bomb.

missing trim

As usual, I invited my neighbor Ken over for a consultation.  He said “gosh, that looks like screen trim”, at which point I once again marvel at the depth of his knowledge.  He runs home and comes back with a replacement piece, a little glue and some nails.  Once I paint it, you’ll never know it was missing.

Hudson issues

I still have some mismatched ugly knobs and poorly repaired drawer pulls to deal with.  I’m pretty sure I will just replace them all with something else.

Meanwhile, I’m thinking about painting this guy with MMS Artissimo.  I’m drawing my inspiration from this gorgeous dresser that was painted by Danielle at Silver Pennies.


Isn’t he beautiful?!  The Jameson has a little more detail than mine, but I think they are very similar in feeling, tall and masculine (thanks for letting me share your dresser on my blog Danielle.)

I actually have a set of lion’s head drawer pulls like those used by Danielle somewhere around here, although mine are black.  If I have enough, perhaps they will work on the Hudson.

The trick will be getting my blue to end up like this, and not the darker color I usual get.  Danielle used wax instead of hemp oil, so this time I’m going to give that a try … that is, unless I change my mind and paint the Hudson in a different color all together.  Sometimes I do that .. it’s my prerogative.

You may be starting to think that I have been posting quite a line up of ‘befores’ and where are all the ‘afters’?!  I have 4 pieces in progress.  Glue is drying, paint is drying, cushions are being sewn, parts are being purchased … I hope that soon I will have a slew of ‘afters’ to share with you!

5 thoughts on “the Hudson.

  1. Ooooh, what a lovely piece! It is going to look gorgeous in Artissmo if that is the color you end up using. I can’t wait to see how it comes out and thanks so much for sharing my Jameson! x


  2. Your dresser has beautiful “bones.” And the one from Silver Pennies is fantastic. When, oh when, will I get up the nerve to try my MMS paints! Wish I would have bought Artissimo now. So much to do, so little time.


    1. I recommend painting something small with your MMS paint just to get a feel for it. I do it all the time, a mirror frame, a small wooden box, a little stool … preferably something with an old finish on it. Dig out some small little things and mix up just a tiny bit of paint … maybe a 1/4 cup … and play around with it. Last night I painted a little wooden jewelry box in Eulalie’s Sky because I wanted to see how it would look with the white wax over it. I ended up stenciling the box too, and I love how it turned out even though it was just an experiment. Go for it!


      1. This week, I’ll take the plunge. And thank you, I was going to do a dresser, but it would be much better, as you say, to do something small. I’ve got just the thing in mind.


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