chippy farmhouse desk.

I mentioned in my previous post that I’m going to start calling the room I’m currently revamping ‘the study.’  But really, that name isn’t quite right either.  Let’s face it, I don’t do any studying in here.  As part of making over the room, I gave some serious thought to what I need the room for and how it should function.  In the end, there are two main purposes for this room;  I write my blog (and do other computer stuff), and I store my creative supplies here.  What shall I call it?  Got any ideas for me?

After giving some serious thought to functionality, I realized that the desk had to go.  Here it is, in case you don’t remember it.

studio desk

It is beautiful, but see that base?  That was annoying.  My legs are far too long for this desk.  It would be perfect for a shorter person who likes to raise their feet a little under their desk, but I am 5’10”.  My feet always had to be tucked under my chair.  Plus, this desk (technically, it’s a library table) was just large enough that I tended to pile crap on it.  Empty surface area = piles of stuff to look through later.

And let’s just mention the chair for a moment.  Those wheels were leaving big black marks on the floor.  I was able to get them up with a magic eraser, but still.  Not good for the floor.  Although it was quite comfy.

But all of that brings me to my new desk!

study desk w french chair

A bit smaller for sure, but enough space for exactly what I need, a perch for my computer.  It’s now tucked in the corner which makes the room seem ten times larger.  I angled it to avoid the look of furniture just lined up along the walls.  Once Mr. Q and I put the angled desk in place, I realized that the space behind it was perfect for my chalkboard door.  See those pipes running up the wall behind the door?  Those are radiator pipes going up to the 2nd floor.  Because of those, nothing could really be tucked right in to this corner of the room.  And I now have a fab little vintage suitcase hiding all of those electrical cords, but I forgot to put it in place before this photo.  Dang.  In an older house, lack of electrical outlets can be a big challenge.  This room has two, neither of which are in a good spot for the desk.

So let’s talk about the ‘desk’ itself.  Do you recognize it?  It’s the Boxwood farmhouse table!

boxwood as desk

I tried selling it at my last Carriage House sale, and there were no takers.  Clearly it was meant to stay.  As much as I loved the green, it just wasn’t working in this room.  So, I really quickly slapped on a coat of MMS Flow Blue followed by a coat of MMS Artissimo.  We’re seriously talking ‘slapped on’ here folks.  The lighting was dim, I didn’t try to get 100% coverage.  I wanted the look of a piece that has been painted multiple times.  And here is what I got.

desk collage

Love it!  Perfect chipping with layers of color.  Just what I wanted.

As for the chair, I have to laugh, I started out with this chippy farmhouse chair (oh, and there is the little suitcase in this shot).

desk with chippy chair

That chair lasted all of about five seconds.  I don’t know what part of my brain thought that I could actually sit and write blog posts in that chair.  It looked cool, but was definitely not going to be functional.  Thank goodness I still had my french cane back chair out in the photo cottage!  It’s perfect for the new desk.

desk with chair

It is super comfy (I’m sitting in it now as I’m writing this).

There is just enough room on the desk for my computer, a couple of external hard drives (note to self, come up with way to disguise these!), some pens, a little container of business cards and a little ‘Q’.

desk top

I’ve used some vintage hangers and metal clips to add a little ‘pin board’ of sorts to my chalkboard door.

message board

So now you’ve seen both the farmhouse cupboard and my farmhouse desk.  Are you sensing a theme?  Stay tuned next week when I reveal what I did with the dresser on the other side of the room, plus a final room reveal (if one final piece arrives in time!).

25 thoughts on “chippy farmhouse desk.

  1. Big changes here – I see your point about the library desk being 5’8″ myself. I also need room for my legs. Let me know how your back to the doorway works. I just have to be facing the room. But hey the farmhouse desk is darling – I just hate to see the library table it has such great lines. Back to the new desk I have seen people use people use baskets to hide printers.


    1. So far I am finding that the angle helps since I’m not fully facing away from the door. I also can now see out the window, rather than having my back to that which is nice. When I had my back to the windows, that could be a little creepy at nighttime too. The basket idea is good. I’ll have to pursue that. Yeah, the library table is a pretty fab piece. I wish I had a different spot for it in my home. I touched up the paint on it and will be listing it on Craigslist.


  2. I like both looks but when you are talking a work space function has to factor into it too. I love what you came up with. It’s a really pretty look. Also the more I see Artissimo the more I like it. I like the little bit of boxwood peeking through too. The cane back chair is so pretty and looks so comfortable and I love all your desk accessories!


    1. Not only is Artissimo a lovely color, it’s also extremely easy to work with. You barely need two thin coats to get good coverage with it. It’s one of my favorites to paint with.


  3. Love the changes, especially love the chair. And at 5’2″, with hardly any leg length at all, that black desk would fit me perfectly…wish I had space for it, I’d snap it up in a minute. I think calling it “The Room” works for me…plain and simple. Possibly the “Q Room”? Hang a large Q at the entryway somewhere maybe?


      1. I found out a long time ago, “needing” and “wanting” are two different things. LOL I “want” it, I don’t “need” it. Wall to wall stuff as it is…I sure do love it though…I’m sure you’ll find it a good home.


  4. ARGH!! You’re kickin’ my tush!!
    Panic! Adrenalin!
    Competitive nature kicking in!

    …and I think you may be right. I’ve always called mine the studio, but maybe it does need to be called something more appropriate to me….other than disaster area, lol!


    1. LOL … I have to tell you, Mr. Q thought I should have warned you that once I get an idea in my head and get started on something, I tend to just crank it out. I just keep going like the energizer bunny because I’m afraid that if I stop mid-project I’ll never go back and finish! But, if I can help provide the inspiration that you need to finish your room, then I say all is good! And actually, ‘disaster area’ sounds like a decent title for my room most of the time as well 😉


    1. LOL … I was wondering if anyone would notice that! In fact, I almost didn’t buy that cute little bucket because it had the wrong number on it, but in the end it was too cute to pass up. I bought it at Oronoco Gold Rush a couple of years ago.


  5. I love your theme! the desk looks amazing did you use hemp oil to get the flow blue peeping through the Artissimo? Can’t wait to see the other side!!!


  6. I have an alternative suggestion for the name of the room. Since you have an affinity for the French, I think it should be called the atelier. It’s French for “artist’s or designer’s studio or workroom”. Puts a little flair into it…Q style 😉 Love your room, whatever you decide to go with!


  7. What an outstanding paint job. Perfectly done. I love the orientation of it, it looks like such a cozy little place to work. Sometimes I think too much work space isn’t always a good thing! Artissimo is one of my favorites, too 🙂


    1. It is cozy now! I am imagining it in the summer when the windows are open and I can hear the birds singing outside, which will be really nice too. Thanks for your comment Anya!


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