why Quandie?

Once upon a time, I got married to my fab husband, but didn’t want to give up my maiden name entirely.  So, I decided to keep it as my middle name.  I thought it would be pretty cool to have Q as a middle initial.  Probably not a lot of Q’s out there, right?  People often ask, ‘what does the Q stand for?’

Fast forward many years.  I’m reading an article in the paper about a woman who has been arrested for being drunk and disorderly … and her name?  Quandary!  Who names their child Quandary?  Do they not know the definition of this word?   A state of perplexity.  I can see it now, a woman sees her beautiful new baby girl and thinks “What shall I name her?  Such a quandary.  A, ha!  That’s it!”  Perhaps this explains why Quandary has a habit of being arrested as an adult.

I quickly emailed my pal Jeanne to say “Eureka!  I have found a name.  From now on when people ask ‘what does the Q stand for?’ I’ve got the perfect answer!

It stuck.  I should have known it would.  And leave it to Jeanne to shorten it to Quandie.  Over the years, Quandie has become my alter ego.  She tends to take action, when I am not sure.  She loves garage sales, paint brushes, vintage furniture, drinking wine on the deck, gardening, traveling and anything with hollandaise sauce.  And she is me!

So, channel your own inner Quandie and hop on board.  I hope to post about all of the above on this blog, and I hope you’ll join me.

10 thoughts on “why Quandie?

  1. Just wanted to let you know, I think we may have been twins separated at birth! I love absolutely everything about your blog. MMS Kitchen Scale is probably my favorite color, I collect vintage fruit jars (noticed them in your banner), I love repurposing and everything vintage. Syrah is my favorite wine by the way. No I’m not stalking your blog, well I guess that’s what blogs are for right 🙂 I live in Iowa and sick of this cold and snow, so I’ve been reading everyones’ blogs hoping to get enough courage to start my own. I have over 1000 followers on fb, so I think I would have readers. I just don’t know how to do it all with a J.O.B. as well. Anyway, thanks for all the inspiration you have given me!


    1. Wow, 1,000 followers! That’s fab. But, I think the real question is whether or not you would enjoy having a blog. Do you like to write? Take photos? Share your thoughts on line? It does take time, but it’s a good way to get through the snow and cold (it’s currently 15 below here, on March 3, that is just plain wrong!). It remains to be seen if I can keep up in the summer though. That might be a different story all together. But, so far I have found that I just LOVE having a blog. It’s fun to connect with people who love the same things I do, like you for instance 😉 You are welcome for the inspiration and I hope you’ll come back for more! I just finished a dresser in Eulalie’s Sky that is fab, it will be posted soon, stay tuned!


  2. I do love to write and photography is my other hobby, though I’m probably better at painting :). The picture that I had featured on MMS in Eulalie’s Sky was taken by niece, a professional photographer.


    1. Oh my gosh Jane! I had not even made the connection that that was your dresser. I LOVE that one! It was your dresser that inspired the one I painted last weekend (soon to be posted). I tried to pin it last week, but for some reason I couldn’t … it escapes me now why that was. The picture was gorgeous too. Well … now that I know to search Raise the Bar Vintage I’ve found it and pinned it … your niece did a beautiful job with the photo, I love the little piece of luggage sitting on top. Clearly this inspiration thing is going both ways! How fun.


    1. Well hello Quandie! I have to admit, when my friend Jeanne started calling me Quandie, we had no idea it was a real name. But after I’d named my blog, another friend sent me the meaning of the name Quandie which includes, amongst other things, the following:

      •You pursue your undertakings on a grand scale, based on your business acumen and ability to visualize an overall plan.

      •Your enthusiasm, aggressiveness, and salesmanship are often sufficient to bring about fulfillment of your ambitions.

      •However, in the attempt to impress others with the scope of your success, you can over-extend your resources to the point that you have inadequate means to cover your basic expenses.

      •There are times when you would be advised to start in a smaller way, and gradually reach your desired level of success through perseverance, patience, and attention to details.

      Yep … probably all true for me, how about you?


  3. I just read all the way back to this first post to find out about the Q. Love that I now know. Love your work and really loved the $3 grain sack you stenciled with Jonas. You said you would show what you did with the grain sack, but I don’t remember seeing it. Love your blog and your work. So inspiring.


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