chairs, tulips and daffodils.

Phew!  My trip to Disney World really took it out of me.  My sister and I were there for 8 days, and we walked more than 20,000 steps almost every day.  It was really fun, but also really exhausting.  I’m still recovering.

I made a bit of a tactical error in that I didn’t have a completed project lined up to blog about upon my return.  So I’ve spent the last few days wondering just how in the heck I was going to come up with something, and where I was going to find the energy to quickly get it done.

Then I remembered this pair of little wooden chairs that I’ve been meaning to sell.

My friend/picker, Sue, found these for me back in the fall of 2018.  I’ve had them hanging on the wall in our bedroom since then.  But I’m ready for a change so I thought I’d move them on.

I was initially thinking about painting them in chippy milk paint, but the wood had a rather nice patina.  So rather than paint them, I decided to simply add some Classic Vintage Labels transfers to the backs.

I gave both of them a garden theme.

They are a bit wobbly, so I wouldn’t necessarily want a small child to sit in them.  But they’d be perfect for holding a potted plant, like this little pot of muscari.

I staged them out in the garden, mainly because I wanted to show off my daffodils.

And my tulips.

But that being said, these little chairs wouldn’t hold up for more than one or two seasons if you left them outside unprotected.

They would be awesome on a protected porch though, or maybe in a sun room.  Or really anywhere inside.

In that last photo, you may have noticed that my scilla (all of that stuff that looks like grass in the garden behind the chairs) are pretty much done blooming.  They have been followed up by the daffodils and tulips.  I planted a few new ones last year (for more details on that, go back to this post), so I thought I’d share how they did and exactly what they are in case any of you want to get some this year.

This first daffodil is Narcissus Double Delnashaugh.  It’s a late blooming double, and the white and apricot flowers are fairly long lasting.

If you’re not a fan of the typical yellow of most daffodils, this is a great alternative.

I also planted Narcissus Double Cheerfulness.

The flowers on this one are about half the size of the first one and not nearly as showy, but they really are rather sweet I think.

I managed to save a couple of patches of tulips from the deer by surrounding them with chicken wire.

If you use the green chicken wire, it’s not nearly as noticeable when it’s in place as the silver stuff so it’s not a horrible eye sore.

Also, I just loosely circled each patch and that seems to do the trick even though a deer could easily pop his head over it to eat the tulips.  My neighbor nnK gave me that tip.

I’ve been removing the chicken wire during the day so I can enjoy the tulips without it though.

These are Darwin Hybrid Pink Impression tulips.  And just to put quantity in perspective for you, I planted 100 of them and that gave me a patch this size …

I purchased these tulips, and both of the daffodil varieties from Longfield Gardens.  I also purchased three different varieties of allium from them last year, so I’ll keep you posted when those start blooming.

In addition, I planted some cheap tulip bulbs from my local Menards, but those were the ones that the deer got to before I could cover them.  So they look like this …

So it’s pretty much impossible for me to compare the quality of the cheap tulips with the more expensive tulips from Longfield.

But back to those chairs, what do you think?

Do you like them this way, or would you have painted them?  Leave a comment and let me know.

22 thoughts on “chairs, tulips and daffodils.

  1. Love the chairs and transfer too. I have an old one I use as a plant stand during the summer months. Just love the look of the old wood! And love the tulips and daffodils. Wow. 100 tulips doesn’t go that far does it. Hope you had an auger to plant all the bulbs. They are beautiful!


    1. I did have an auger! Fortunately my neighbor got one for Christmas and she let me borrow it to plant all of those bulbs. I should also mention that I plant my bulbs in groupings, usually 5 or 6 per large hole, rather than in individual holes. I think they look much more natural that way.


      1. I’m so sorry I live out of state (Oklahoma)

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  2. I like the chairs the earthy color because it blends so well in that setting and the pop of color can come from the nearby flowers, a cute pot, or a watering can. You have so many cleaver Arden things that those chairs will look good in many seasons.


  3. I love the chairs in the natural wood and the garden transfer is great ♡ Your Spring flowers are beautiful and looking forward to seeing more!!


  4. I like the chairs with the wood and transfer. What a cute plant stand they make! Love your daffodils (one of my favorite spring flowers) and your tulips.


    1. I’ve never been a huge fan of yellow in the garden, so I’ve avoided daffodils for that reason. But now that deer are eating all of my tulips, I have to re-visit the daffodils. I do really love the apricot and white one!


  5. So glad you didn’t paint the chairs, they are absolutely gorgeous as is with the design you added. Love all the daffodil varieties. They are by far my favorite flower.


  6. I prefer the stencil on the natural wood for these chairs. You are right about leaving them outside in the weather, I left mine out until they fell apart! Always love the garden tour!!


    1. Yeah, I’ve left a few old wooden chairs out in the garden in my day and they never make it more then a few years at best. They just aren’t meant to be outside.


  7. Looks perfect! I have a similar if not identical chair in my booth right now-going to grab it next week and add a transfer. You are always an inspiration.


  8. So pretty, we are like you and late on the flowers this year. My late tulips haven’t even begun yet! And, it will now turn so hot they will explode! Very cute chairs, I unfortunately sold all mine when I closed my shop! Darn! Sandi


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