the fresh flower market case.

Sometime last summer I came across this wooden case at a garage sale.

I have to admit, I walked away from it at first thinking it was too big and cumbersome, and it felt a bit too utilitarian for my tastes.  But then I realized that of course I could change that last part with some paint, and maybe a stencil or some transfers.  So I went back and grabbed it.

Here’s what the inside looked like initially.

The whole thing looks very much homemade.  I do wonder what it was made for, a ventriloquist’s dummy?  an accordion?  a secret stash of gold bouillon?  Hopefully it wasn’t anything creepy, like that time I accidentally bought an embalming table at an auction.  It’s made out of solid wood, so it is rather heavy for toting things around.  Any of you have any ideas about its original purpose?

After scuff sanding and cleaning the case inside and out, I painted the inside in Dixie Belle’s Collard Greens, and the outside in their Drop Cloth.  Next I added some sections from the I.O.D. Wall Flower transfer to the inside lid.

I think the florals in this transfer have that look of old 1940’s wallpaper.

I also added some pieces of the Wall Flower transfer to the front of the case, and then I pulled out a new stencil from Wallcutz called Fresh Flower Market.

I couldn’t quite fit the entire thing on my case, so I masked off those trim lines around the outside as well as the bottom line of wording using painters tape.  I then stenciled the word “MARKET” in Dixie Belle’s Collard Greens, and the rest of the wording in their Holy Guacamole.

I used a small artist’s brush to fill in the bridges on my stencil, and I think that really made the cursive font of ‘fresh flower’ work better.

For a final little touch, I added one of the bees from the I.O.D. Brocante transfer near the handle of the case.

You can’t have a flower market without bees, right?

With it’s fresh new interior, this wooden case could be used to store all kinds of things.  Maybe your spare linens, or your heavy winter sweaters?  Or even your ventriloquist’s dummy.

Or, you could just simply use it as décor.

It would be sweet just hanging out in your foyer, or on a protected porch.  It would also be perfect in your potting shed …

assuming you can get to it.

Earlier this year when I was planning for this project, I thought I’d be able to photograph the finished case out in the potting shed.  But then we got a lot of snow, and then we got a lot more snow, and then earlier this week we got another 7″ more.  I basically can’t get to the potting shed at this point.

Well … I could if I was willing to trudge through a couple feet of snow, and then shovel away the giant pile that fell off the roof and is now blocking the door.  But I’m not.

This was a bit of a tactical error on my part since most of my garden themed photo props are out there too.  I sure do hope spring is just around the corner.

In the meantime … an indoor photo shoot it is.

What do you think?  What would you use this case for?

The fresh flower market case is for sale, check out my ‘available for local sale‘ page for more details.

Thank you to Dixie Belle Paint Co for providing the paint, and to Wallcutz for providing the stencil used for this project and sponsoring this blog post.

23 thoughts on “the fresh flower market case.

  1. If ever I wished to live in a land of snow and ice, it would be to live nearer to your “local sale” shop. This is just beautiful!


  2. Another splendid transformation! I so happy you retrieved the ugly box! It now has a beautiful life! 😉.
    That is a bunch of snow! Wowzer!
    Smiles, alice


  3. Love it!! What a beautiful transformation and the colours do make us think of spring.I would store napkins and placemats in it under the buffet.


  4. I purchased a handmade wood tool box from an on-line estate auction, and was shocked at how big it is when I picked it up. (I guess I should’ve read the description better instead of assuming, lol). It’s so heavy, even empty, and was full of old tools and debris when I “won” it…hard to imagine some big dude actually carrying that thing from job to job. I gave it a good scrub last summer, and it’s been waiting for inspiration. So thanks to you, I’ve found my inspiration! Love what you did to your handmade box. I like your idea that it was made for a ventriloquist’s dummy!


  5. Well I’m glad you didn’t find a ventriloquist dummy in your box, that would have been creepy! I love what you did, I’m inspired and could use it for storing faux greenery or the little fabric I have while displaying it, hope spring gets to you soon 😉


  6. I love that you use two different colors for the wording – I would never even think of that! Turned out great! Very reasonably priced too!


  7. You have no idea of how much i love all your transformed boxes Linda! I like wooden boxes of any kind, but after your magic touch… mmm… love them even more 🙂


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