a thrifty tuesday.

My friend Sue and I hadn’t been out thrifting since … um, well … gosh!  Could it really have been October?  I think it may have been that long.  The holidays just got in the way I guess.  Well, the holidays plus my trips to Disney World in October and then Puerto Vallarta at the end of November.

But Sue and I finally made it out again this past Tuesday and I was reminded that I need to make a point of going more often.

I didn’t bring home a massive haul, but I did find a few things that I thought would be fun to share with you guys.

First up is this brass road runner.

He reminded me of the brass pheasants that I picked up at a garage sale last summer, remember them?

Ahhh, and remember when the grass was green and not buried under three feet of snow, and I could take pictures outside on the deck?  Those were the days.

But I digress.

I also brought home this copper pitcher.

Copper continues to be a good seller for me, so when I see nice pieces I grab them.

I also continue to pick up white cannisters so that I can add the blue I.O.D. Traditional Pots transfers to them.

I’m pretty much down the the last couple of blue transfers.  I sure do wish they would come out with more of these!

If you’ve always wanted to win a golden globe, this next item would be right up your alley.

This globe is a bit smaller than your typical globe, it would be perfect for desktop décor.

I threw this marble cake stand into my cart as well.

I did a search after I got home and found that it’s from Target’s Project 62 line.  It’s solid marble and has a great mid-mod vibe.

Speaking of a mid-mod vibe, I just couldn’t resist this set of 4 shallow bowls.

I think that green is just gorgeous.

I picked up the metal egg basket in anticipation of Easter.

I think I’ll paint the wooden handles, and then I want to come up with some sort of fun egg project for filling up the basket.  Maybe I’ll stamp some papier-mâché eggs like my former co-worker Jodie did.

I shared her project with you back in 2018.

And speaking of Jodie, the enamelware coffee pot actually came from her as well.  She was going to take it to Goodwill, but offered it to me first.  I just added the Farmers Market transfer, which is from the Dixie Belle On the Farm transfer.

Last up, I grabbed a few things that will make fun small makeover projects.

I’m debating painting those galvanized hanging bins.  They have a nice thick black rim, so I thought I might paint them white to look like enamelware.  What do you think?

Then there are these boxes.

Sue brought me the larger box, and I thrifted the two smaller wooden boxes.

It will be fun to paint these up and add some transfers, much like I did a while back with this box.

So be sure to stay tuned for that!


20 thoughts on “a thrifty tuesday.

  1. You found some great pieces out thrifting. And as usual, photographed them beautifully. I like the galvanized pieces, looking forward to seeing what you do with those. And the green in the bowls remind me of the In a Pickle milk paint!


  2. Love all of these! A good haul and the fun is in the hunt. I so enjoy the small things that you refab, they are good examples that projects don’t have to be huge.


  3. Great finds! You certainly have a good eye for finding pieces to upgrade. I love seeing how you turn an ordinary item into something fab!


  4. Wow Miss Quandie! That looks like a big and fruitful haul to me! I just love your blue and white cannisters and they look so legit…….and I can see you putting those pretty plates in one of your “gift crates”!


  5. Wonderful thrifting day you had! I love galvanized “anything” so much, I would say no to painting those items…a stencil or stamp in black on them would be great, I think! 😉 I can’t wait to see what you do with those great boxes!


    1. Normally I wouldn’t paint galvanized stuff either, but the hanging baskets have a sort of splotchy look to them that feels a little off to me. So … I’ll probably paint them. But you never know 😉


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