thrifty wednesday.

Somehow ‘thrifty wednesday’ just doesn’t have the same ring to it as ‘thrifty thursday’.  None the less, Wednesday is the day our local Goodwill stores offer a senior discount, and since I’m older than 55 (really, only slightly, I swear), I qualify.  And so does my friend Sue.  So now that we are both retired, we schedule our thrifting get togethers for Wednesdays.

Sue and I headed out on a gloriously beautiful fall day last Wednesday and I came home with a nice little pile of goodies, so I thought I’d share my finds with you guys.

Actually, looking back, very few of these things were actually from Goodwill.  We went to two different Goodwill stores, and I only purchased one thing at each.

I found this set of 10 pretty vintage Grapevine pattern plates at the first Goodwill.

They definitely have a mid-century vibe, don’t they?  And maybe a little bit of a fall harvest sort of feel to them.

At the 2nd Goodwill I found this set of three copper molds.

The rest of the items are from various other stops we made; an estate sale, a garage sale and Turn Style (which is a consignment shop).

The estate sale was first, and let me tell you … the poor people running this sale must have put hours and hours into getting everything priced and set up.  There was so much to look at.  The living room was lined wall to wall with big folding tables and every possible inch of that room was full of just the Christmas stuff.

Apparently the former occupant of the home also collected anything, and everything, that had a giraffe on it.  There were giraffe purses, giraffe towels, giraffe throw pillows, giraffe luggage, giraffe china … and an entire bedroom was filled wall to wall with giraffe figurines of every kind.  Seriously, like easily 100’s of them.  I should have surreptitiously taken a photo to share with you guys, but I didn’t think of that.

There wasn’t really much in the way of vintage items though, and I didn’t really need a giraffe figurine.  Still, I did grab a couple of fun items including this little galvanized container with a lid.

As you can see, I’ve already added a Classic Vintage Label transfer to it.

I also grabbed this cute little wire basket.

I try to purchase good baskets when I see them at a reasonable price.  You never know when you’ll want to put together a gift basket so it’s nice to have a stash of baskets handy.

I also bought these two galvanized bin thingies at the estate sale.

I added the Everyday Farmhouse transfers to the fronts of them after I got them home.  They still had their Hobby Lobby stickers on the bottom, so I know these are just inexpensive reproduction sort of items.  The addition of the wording gives them a more authentic feel though.

I like the idea of filling them up with some ironstone pitchers …

or how about a quartet of potted herbs?

You could hang one in the bathroom and fill it with rolled up wash cloths, or maybe toiletries.  You could fill one with jars of spices in the kitchen.  There are so many different ways you could use them.

After the estate sale, we stopped off at a garage sale that was a few blocks away and I scored these fabulous candle holders.

I just think they are so elegant looking.

I’ll be putting them in the pile of stuff that I’m bringing in to the shop for Christmas.

I purchased a couple of items that I’m keeping myself from Turn Style.  The other day I had some former co-workers over for drinks and I realized that I was in need of some cute, small bowls for nuts on my charcuterie tray.  So I grabbed this set for $7.50 …

And I’ve been on the lookout for a kleenex box cover that was more my style than the one we currently have.

I found this one for $4.25 at Turn Style.  And of course, I added the Classic Vintage Label transfer to it, it was originally plain.  It’s actually from the Hearth & Hand collection at Target where it costs $14.99 new, so I think I got a bargain.

Oh, and I almost forgot the little enamelware cup.

That was from the estate sale, and I added the wording from the I.O.D. Traditional Pots transfer.

When Sue picked me up for our thrifty outing, she had a few goodies in the car for me as well including this tall ironstone pitcher …

and a green toolbox.

The red tacklebox and the blue toolbox were from the garage sale.

I spent a warm day last week out in the backyard washing up a bunch of toolboxes with some Dawn dish soap and the garden hose, so you should be seeing some painted toolboxes here in the coming weeks.  Later this week I’ll be sharing my latest wallcutz project with you too.  So be sure to stay tuned!

15 thoughts on “thrifty wednesday.

  1. Looking forward to seeing how you remake your found treasures. It’s always interesting to see what you select to make over. Thrifting on Wednesday – yet another one of the perks of being retired! 🙂


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