a homeless table.

I know I sound like a broken record when I say this, but gosh, time flies doesn’t it?  I could have sworn that I restyled the photo cottage last summer, but turns out it was actually back in 2020.

At that time I was going back to making the shed into a ‘summer house’ and I didn’t want to actually spend any money on it, so I used things I had on hand including an old farmhouse table.

This is an old, super heavy table that I’ve had for quite a few years.  I used to use it for display at my carriage house occasional sales.

Before placing it in the ‘summer house’, I repainted the table base in Dixie Belle’s Kudzu 

and gave the top a fresh coat of Fusion’s Liming Wax.

  Even after two years in the shed it still looks great.

But now that I want to turn the space back into a potting shed, the table needs to make way for a potting bench.  So I pulled it out of there.

Then I had a little fun staging it in the garden as a spot for making notes in my garden journal.

I searched high and low for a garden journal that I liked earlier this summer and didn’t have any luck.  However, my sister will attest to the fact that I had some rather picky requirements for it.  It had to be spiral, it had to have lots of space for making notes, it had to have a pretty cover, etc., etc.  I dragged her to various shops where I hemmed and hawed over the possibilities.  Eventually I ended up going with a 18 month planner that I found at Barnes & Noble.

This will get me through next summer anyway.  I mainly want to keep track of what I’ve planted where, and when.

OK, so I don’t actually sit in this spot to write in my garden journal …

but maybe I should!  It seems ideal for such things.

If this table were slightly more portable, I’d keep it on hand simply as a photo prop.  It provides a nice blank surface for staging smaller pieces, like toolboxes or product photos.

(that’s a little ‘foreshadowing’ for an upcoming post)

Maybe I should look into adding casters to the table so I could more easily wheel it around.  I don’t know, even with wheels, this table is a bit heavy for me to be man-handling it around all the time.

But for now, this table is homeless.  So here’s what I’m going to do.  I’m going to list it here on the blog for local sale and if someone snatches it up, great.  And if it doesn’t sell, well, I think I’ll continue to use it for photo shoots.

If interested in the table, be sure to check my ‘available for local sale‘ page for more details.

16 thoughts on “a homeless table.

  1. Linda, I love that table! I would be snatching it if I was closer. Your yard is amazing! Everything here is burning up!
    Smiles, alice


  2. Wanted to let you know that I LOVE LOVE everything you do! I check my email on “q blog days” first thing to see what you have been doing. Have you ever considered doing a blog once in awhile devoted to issues followers are having when trying to restore/diy? Thank you for all the inspiration.


  3. So glad you decided to keep this hard to find beauty.. ❤️ I think you would have regrets. I have one in my booth right now I want to bring back home 😆 I am not local but would have snatched it up in a minute if I was 😂 I admire your garden journey dedication 🌞🌺


  4. You created such a pretty and serene spot Miss Quandie……but I guess you’d have to put it in some kind of “bubble” to keep it so crisp and clean and dust-free! The elements are brutal task masters! Lol…….I think you need a glass garden house…..one of those awesome ones that I’ve seen on Pinterest that have been DIY’d using old windows! You could press Ken into service (-:


    1. I would LOVE to have one of those greenhouses made out of old windows. I’ve mentioned it to Ken, but I’m pretty sure he doesn’t want to tackle a project on that scale. Plus, since I already have two ‘out buildings’ (the shed, the carriage house), I think things would begin to look pretty cluttered if I added another. Although I have thought it would be fun to add one to the side of the potting shed. Maybe one day, a girl can dream …


  5. I belong to several blog email lists but I never fail to open and enjoy yours. Some I have saved for future reference! Love the table and will be jealous of the local who snatches it up!


  6. Hello and love everything you do! I want to ask you if you would pare the color Kudzu on a mirrored dresser with stained drawers against a very light pale blue wall? I need expert advice if you can. I have mostly white and blue colors in the house but want to change up and add something different. I could even send a photo of what I’m working on. I’m no expert, just a senior wanting to “fancy up” her dining room! Thanks so much.


    1. I find that decorating is really a personal preference thing. All that really matters is whether or not you like it. Certainly Kudzu would work well with light pale blue, it wouldn’t clash or anything. It’s one of my favorite shades of green 🙂


      1. Thanks Ms. Q. Think I’ll just go with it. Guess I was thinking more of a Fire King green.


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