itsy bitsy, teenie weenie.

It’s not a yellow polka dot bikini, but it’s definitely itsy bitsy, teenie weenie.

It might be difficult to judge the scale based on that photo, but I can tell you that this little guy is 2 3/4″ tall by 3 1/4″ wide.  The knobs appear to be beads that are just glued on.

Here, maybe this photo gives you a better idea of the size.

I believe this probably qualifies as 1″ scale, if you are familiar with such terms (as in 1′ is reduced to 1″).  Way smaller than yesterday’s mini.

Now you may have thought that I should just leave this one alone, but you know me better than that by now, right?  Of course I painted it!

And of course I found some itsy bitsy transfers to add to it.

This is a mash up of transfers from I.O.D. , with prima, and Tim Holtz.

I had the little tool tote and the bucket in my stash of dollhouse décor from back in the day when I had a pretty fabulous dollhouse (you can see it here).  I ended up sending that dollhouse out to my in-law’s place because I didn’t have a good spot for it, but I hung onto a handful of little things.

The tool tote was in the attic in my dollhouse …

But clearly it needed a coat of paint and a transfer as well.

Both the dresser and the tote are painted in Dixie Belle’s Drop Cloth.

The bee transfer on the tote is part of a with prima knob transfer with some bits trimmed away.

Naturally, I had to line the drawers with some pretty paper as well.

I had to dig to find some scrapbook paper with a small enough floral design to look appropriate in these drawers, and that floral paper was perfect.

Seriously you guys, how frickin’ adorable is this thing?  I can hardly stand it.

I’m definitely going to have to hang onto this one for now.

What do you think?

21 thoughts on “itsy bitsy, teenie weenie.

  1. Watched your doll house email!!! WOW!!! The apple doesn’t fall to far from the tree!!!! Your dad passed his talents to you and you’re doing a great job.


    1. I did inherit a few of my dad’s characteristics … apparently cursing at other drivers is one of them 😉 But, I did get some other talents from him too!


  2. What a nice little trip I just had down memory lane. I kept wondering how you would update the dollhouse 20+ years later. Some of the wallpaper really looks great in the house. Also, the new dresser and tool box are super adorable!!


  3. This is just the bees knees! Pun intended 😂. It’s seriously so cute though and one of those little things that people are always going to comment on and be fascinated with. I can imagine you painstakingly applying those transfers! Love it a d I’m glad you’re hanging onto it foe now! Sure am loving all these extra posts


  4. First of all…..Itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini! We are showing our age LOL! I remember singing that song, along with Henry the 8th on my swing set. Secondly, how stinking cute is this? I would never have thought to do this. Your creativity is so inspiring!


    1. Thanks Sue! and funny, it never occurred to me that some people might not know that song, which in itself is slightly comical (or maybe delusional).


    1. Yes, my dad devoted about 9 months of his life to creating that dollhouse. It was his post retirement therapy. He retired even younger than I did (I believe he was 56), and then he needed a project. The dollhouse was it!


  5. Oh. My. God. Miss Quandie!!! The chest and tool box are waaaaaay beyond adorable!!! They are stupendously, prodigiously astoundingly adorable!!! I want to get weird and hug and kiss them! Lol 😀 You just never give out of wonderful surprises……..PLEASE move here and decorate the house that we’re building! Okay? (-: Sadly, I did not inherit any of your fanciful talent from either of my parents! But I DO have a solid visual memory of hearing “Yellow Polka Dot Bikini” sitting in our beach house as a little girl! Thank you for that!


  6. That is just the cutest thing! I am amazed at all the tiny things you find. The “after” is perfect! Love this little thing, and Love the accoutrements, as always!


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