the historic styles mini.

You may remember that I picked up this little mini dresser while garage saling recently.

I knew it would be a fun one to restyle.

I started by sanding it lightly, cleaning it and then painting the outside in Dixie Belle’s Drop Cloth.  Then I added some bits and pieces from I.O.D.’s Label Ephemera transfer to the top and front.

I really wish someone would come out with another typography transfer.  I just love this one, but I am getting a little tired of re-using the same wording over and over.  And of course, it also is retired so eventually retailers are going to run out of their inventory.  It would be fun to have something new, wouldn’t it?

I gave it a pop of color on the inside by painting it with Fusion’s Laurentien.  I wanted to use an all in one style paint, like Fusion or Dixie Belle’s Silk for durability.  After choosing some October Afternoon scrapbook paper to line the drawers, I decided that the Laurentien was the perfect color to go with the paper.

Rather than flipping up on hinges, or having a top drawer, this little dresser has a lid that comes off.

This piece would be fantastic as a jewelry box, but I chose to style it with crafting supplies.

I mean seriously, how cute would this be for keeping some of your crafting supplies organized?

But using it as a jewelry box would be a valid option as well.

I definitely prefer the ‘after’ version, how about you?

This one is for sale, so if you’re local (I don’t ship) be sure to check out my ‘available for local sale‘ page for more details.

12 thoughts on “the historic styles mini.

  1. This little guy is so darling! I love these little mini dressers and I really love your staging. The mini camera is awesome too! Vast improvement Miss Q!


  2. This turned out super cute! If it were mine, I would store my wax seal making paraphernalia in it instead of the clear plastic shoebox it now lives in. 🥰


  3. It’s adorable!! I have a little child’s hutch not selling in my antique booth. I should redo along these lines. I love little pieces but apparently no one else does around here!


    1. I find the child sized furniture to be hit or miss, even when I think the piece is absolutely adorable. One hutch (here) sold pretty quickly at Christmas time, but another adorable dresser took forever to find a new home (here). You just never know! But it would be fun to add some word transfers to your hutch I bet!


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