mom’s canisters.

Hey everybody, I’ve gone to visit my mom in Vegas again this week.  But no worries, once again I’ve pre-scheduled a couple of posts to keep you entertained while I’m gone.  This time around my sister is joining us, and we’re going to take a little road trip to Sedona.  If anyone has any tips on what to see and do in Sedona, be sure to leave a comment today!

Meanwhile, it feels apropos to share this post about my mom’s canisters with you guys while I’m away visiting her.

If you’ve followed me for years, you’ll know that my sister and niece moved here to Minnesota from New Jersey nearly 7 years ago now (gosh time flies!).

When they initially moved here, my sister stored some unpacked boxes upstairs in my carriage house.  Once she bought her house a few years later she moved almost everything over to her place.  She just left behind a couple of things that she no longer wanted.  One of those things was my mom’s old canister set.

I have photographic evidence of this set when it was new.

That’s my mom, and she is pregnant with my sister in that photo, making it 1961.  That is my parent’s first apartment in Chicago, and there are the canisters.

My mom says they were either a bridal shower gift, or a wedding gift.  Seems like a canister set would be a more typical shower gift back in the early 60’s (it’s not fancy enough to be a wedding gift, those were more likely china, silver or crystal).

My mom used these canisters for 20+ years.  Until after my sister got married.  At some point my sister mentioned to her how much she liked them and my mom gave them to her (she has always been, and still is, my mom’s favorite!).  Then my sister used them for another couple of decades until they ended up in a box in my carriage house.  And she doesn’t want them back (and yet, she’s still the favorite, go figure!).

I am a little stunned by how well the canisters have held up after 60 years!

I gave them a good clean, and they look amazing.

A couple of little dents here and there, and one lid is missing its knob.

  But otherwise they are in really great condition.

It is a little obvious that neither my mom nor my sister drink coffee or tea,

those two canisters are in the most pristine condition.

It’s also obvious which one got the most wear at our house …


I am a self-professed cookieholic.  Give me a fresh baked cookie and I simply can’t say no.  I’m sure my grubby little hands were into that one on a regular basis (given the state of my dress in the photo below one has to assume that my hands were pretty grubby!).

And hey, can I just note that I was rockin’ the beachy wave before it was even a thing.  These days I have to work really hard to get my hair to look that good.

I have to admit, it cracks me up a bit that these were called ‘BeautyWare’.

As though they were some sort of cosmetic product, or pretty clothing, rather than a functional kitchen item.  Seems like a blatant attempt to glamorize the drudgery of housework to me.

I wish mid-mod was my thing.  But it just isn’t.  I can appreciate the aesthetic, but it doesn’t work with the rest of my décor.

I know what Marie Kondo would say, that I should thank these canisters for the service they have done over the years and then let them go.  And I have to agree.

I would much rather see them go to someone who is going to appreciate them and give them another 20 years of use.  I did a little googling and found a never used, still in the original box, set of 4 of these canisters (it doesn’t include the cookie one) for $299.95 on Etsy.  Wowza!  I also found a set in similar condition to this one (also without the cookie one) for $129.99, also on Etsy.

So I’m going to price this set at $49, and include the cookie one, and hope that some mid-mod lover out there will want to purchase them and continue to use them.

How about it, are any of you locals in need of a mid-mod canister set?  If so, be sure to leave me a comment.


21 thoughts on “mom’s canisters.

  1. First of all, the canisters are awesome and I’m sure there’s a MCM lover out there that will treasure them!
    As for Sedona, I would recommend The Mesa Grill located at the airport, which is in easy proximity to town. The spinach and pork belly salad was scrumptious – so much so that we returned just for the salad! Check out the vortexes of Sedona, and include a drive into Boynton Canyon if you have time. The area is breathtaking. Enjoy!


  2. Love the photos of your mom so pretty and you are adorable as well.
    Those canisters should move quickly very retro. Have fun in Sedona!


  3. These would sell quickly on FB marketplace! My aesthetic is the same as yours, so they are not for me. But I loved the little slice of life this post created. (And your sister probably thinks you were the favorite)


  4. I love that they are square. Round cannisters don’t fit well and in my tiny kitchen I need all the space I can get. Wish I was there….well not really, my daffodils are up, my tulips are trying, forsythia is in full swing and Spring in not far behind here.


  5. Thanks for this post Miss Quandie……I do so enjoy your little stories! I miss your travel stories! But I guess this IS a little trip down memory lane (-: I loved the picture of your mom in the old kitchen and the uncomplicated 50’s vibe it evokes! Haven’t been to Sedona in a donkey’s year so I’ve got nothing for you there……I’m sure you’ll enjoy it though because you seem to always find the enjoyment in all your little adventures—that’s what makes your stories so good!


  6. I did love those canisters but now I am into glass jars. I really was ours mom’s favorite but I think Linda is overtaking is because she goes to visit more now that she is retired. I am older and still have 5-6 years until retirement. Having a great time in Sedona. Hiking at 7am is where it’s at.


  7. I didn’t read this blog post until this morning because yesterday I was returning from a trip to Sedona!! In addition to Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock and Court House Rock, I would highly recommend seeing the Chapel of the Holy Cross. Also take a drive up Oak Creek Canyon and stop at Slide Rock State Park. Just stunning! Cugina Rustica has amazing food for when your tummy is empty. You can’t go wrong in Sedona. Everywhere you go and look has breathtaking beauty. Enjoy!


    1. Oh my gosh! Maybe we passed each other on a trail! We did all the stops you mentioned except we did not stop at slide rock. I agree, breathtaking beauty is right!


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