in one short year.

Just one short year ago my sister was visiting on her summer vacation.  She lived in New Jersey then.  We had talked about the idea of her moving to Minnesota, but I didn’t really think that would ever happen.  We enjoyed a fabulous breakfast on the deck


And we spent some time planning our then upcoming river cruise on the Danube.

budapest guide books

If you had told me then that in less than a year both my sister and my niece would be living in Minnesota, I don’t think I would have believed it.  I still have to pinch myself whenever we make casual plans to get together.  You see, it’s the casual plans that are the most surreal.  We’d always been good about getting together for big plans (like a cruise down the Danube), but what you don’t have when your sister lives halfway across the country are the casual get together’s.

bad Danube selfie

The other day I was in the Q Branch writing a blog post and a car pulled up in the drive.  Mr. Q said “oh look, it’s the relatives!”  And I honestly was puzzled about who it could possibly be.  It couldn’t be my sister-in-law, I had just seen her about an hour earlier on the other side of the cities.  She certainly wouldn’t have turned around and driven out our way.  Could it be one of Mr. Q’s cousins?  They’ve never been known to just drop by, so that would have been odd.  It wasn’t until I popped my head out the door and saw my sister and niece that it hit me.  Now I have relatives who can just drop by!

In one short year my Limelight hydrangeas have gone from this size …

hydrangea 2014

to this size …

hydrangea 2015 2

(this thing is giant this year!)

hydrangea in 2015

And my life has gone from seeing my sister two or three times a year to going to a Zumba class together every Wednesday evening.  I pick her up because the gym is right around the corner from her apartment.  And then after class, I drop her off.  It seems so wrong.  I shouldn’t be just dropping her off.  I should be staying a while and visiting, making the most of every minute I can spend with her because I may not see her again for a while … but wait … I don’t have to think that way anymore.  I can see her every day now if I want to.

cast - debbie

Then again, maybe I should still think about it that way.  I’m going to continue to make the most of it, because you never know how much things can change in just one short year.

18 thoughts on “in one short year.

  1. I guess you just have to pinch yourself from time to time to make sure it’s not a dream! I think it is fantastic that they made the move. Time is truly elusive it does not still stand. Love your hydrangeas!


  2. Lovely post. I just had my twin sister over this summer and I have no idea when I’ll see her again. We’ve been away from each other for 13 years. Let’s see what happens in one year from now. 🙂


  3. Having a sister close by is wonderful. I don’t know what I would do without mine! It’s great when you have the same interests!


  4. Amen to that! You know my story with my sister. All is well and I will be seeing her tomorrow. She lives two hours away now and not exactly on our way to the cabin , but not half way across the country. Til winter comes then she is in Florida . glad you have this time.


  5. My dream is this some day. My only sister lives in Chicago 6 hrs away. We only see each other twice a year. She is busy with 4 kids and its crazy when she does come back for a visit. We have vacationed a couple times together. I would love to live close by.


  6. What a heartwarming read today. I enjoy reading about your adventures with your sister whether they are a Saturday outing or a vacation. My sister lives 3 hrs away we share the same bond as you do. How lovely you can be together.


  7. It does amaze me how much had changed in one year. Kris, the niece and I love living here in Minn now. It is so nice being close to family and that we can drop in anytime. Plus now we get to go to the Minn State Fair, even if my sister doesn’t want to go. I have been having fun painting furniture with her too! Have lots of places to go see all over the area that my daughter had never been to. So lots of fun traveling coming up.


  8. I loved your post! I can imagine it is very surreal! I just got an email yesterday that my sister from South Dakota will be making her annual visit in October, I can’t wait!


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