the turquoise tacklebox.

Some of you may remember way back in 2018 (gosh!  4 years ago!) when I dressed up some toolboxes with some prima marketing transfers.

I sold the black one and the green one, but the turquoise one … which actually is a tacklebox, rather than a toolbox … was one that had been gifted to me by my co-worker Jodie.  I wanted to keep it, it’s perfect for holding my hot glue gun and extra glue sticks.

I have to confess, those pink roses were never really ‘me’ though.  But somehow re-doing something that I keep inside a cupboard was never at the top of my to-do list while I was still working a full time job and blogging.  Now that I’m retired from the day job, I’m determined to get around to doing a few makeovers for myself, starting with this tacklebox.

The first step was to sand down the transfers a bit, just to smooth them out so that their outline didn’t show under a new coat of paint.

Next I cleaned the box with some soapy water.

I definitely wanted to keep that turquoise color, so I pulled out some Dixie Belle paint in The Gulf.

It was quick work to paint a single coat of paint over the box, and that was all it took to get the coverage I wanted.

Pretty good coverage for one coat, don’t you think?

After sanding to distress and vacuuming away the dust, I added a few words from IOD’s Label Ephemera transfer.

The number “05713” on the right is from a Tim Holtz transfer.

I added a topcoat of clear wax to bring out a little depth to the paint color, and to protect the paint job.

By the way, I did not paint that little plate that holds the handle in place, that’s the original color.  The Gulf was a pretty good match!

If I was planning to sell this one, I would have taken the time to paint the inside of the box as well.  But since I’m keeping it for myself, and since the color still works, I just left it alone.

This was such a quick and easy makeover.  I bet it only took me about an hour including dry time.  I guess I probably could have squeezed it in while I was still a working woman 😉

So, what do you think?  Do you prefer the ‘before’ or the ‘after’?  Are you a fan of the original rusty patina, or do you like the fresh paint job better?  And how about that color?  Should I do more toolboxes in vibrant colors, or do you prefer the more neutral look I usually do?  I’m curious about all of these things, so leave me a comment and let me know.

28 thoughts on “the turquoise tacklebox.

  1. I prefer the new look-not a fan of rust. As far as color-however you redo them, they look fabulous. I particularly like this color but then I loved the neutral ones too.


    1. Thanks Melissa! It’s good to know that not everyone is a fan of the rusty look. And I’ll admit this tacklebox might have leaned just a tad too far towards the rusty in its original state 😉


  2. I’m not a rusty kind of gal, so the last make-over is the best for me. I do really like the color. Ever since I first saw your tool and tackle boxes, I have looked for some in my area. No go. Can’t find a one. I do have an old wooden box that was made for detail painting. My Dad gave it to me about 60 years ago and it was old then. It still has some old paint in it or at least it was paint at one time. I may go ahead and use that. Love your blog, Keep up the great work, we enjoy it.
    Happy New Year!


    1. I know how you feel Jane, I have been having a hard time finding these sorts of things over the winter myself. I almost never see them in thrift stores. I usually have more luck at garage sales, so I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed come garage sale season.


  3. I really like this project! So pretty (okay, the color grabbed me), so useful, several great ideas about what to put inside. I am usually horrified when you paint old furniture. Not that the pieces don’t look great, but because it was always ingrained in me not to paint antiques. Plus, of of the first pieces I saw on your blog was a piece that matched the furniture in my mother’s dining room. I wanted to take those pieces when she downsized but had no room in my tiny condo.


    1. I think that not painting antiques was ingrained in a lot of us. And sometimes I do pass on painting pieces if I think they have value ‘as is’, but most of the time the pieces I paint really need a new life! And I’m glad you’ve stuck with me even though you’re horrified 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It wasn’t meant as a criticism of you, but of myself! Plus, seeing a piece that very well could have been the one in my mother’s dining room got to me. Keep doing what you do!


      2. LOL, no worries Kathleen, I totally understand. I just had to tease you a little 😉 I pictured you viewing my blog like some people view car accidents, even though you’re horrified, you just can’t look away.

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  4. Love this! Have several of these old boxes that I have grabbed as a result of your inspiration. Usually find them at garage or estate sales for a buck or two. I never know what to do with them though so this was very helpful. Why not have them be useful? This color is wonderful!


  5. I bet it looks great in your cupboard!. Nice for organization! I need to take a look in your cupboard the next time I come over. Great job!


  6. It’s wonderfully satisfying to gift yourself with your own creative talent. The new “clean” streamlined design is an improvement over the rosy before design. It’s a perfect holder for the glue sticks and gun, I might just have to copy that idea🙂. The color used is a nice break from neutrals and a bit of “Spring” inspiration, but I still love the neutrals.


  7. Good morning! I like the new look! This one is perfect for your glue guns and glue sticks! I’m going to look for a tackle box to use for mine! Happy 2022!


  8. Love the make-over! It looked good before the update, but I am a fan of words and numbers more than flowers. The color is really pretty, but I liked the more rustic look too – just not a big fan of large flowers. I like neutral colors best, but greens and blue greens are my next choice. And I am drawn to any type of box or container, so you inspire me all the time with new ideas. This one turned out super cute!


  9. Definitely prefer the second makeover Miss Quandie! What can I say? Me no like-y big flowers on things! And it’s definitely understandable, since you paint so much, that it’s fun to use a color every now and then. But NOTHING beats your drop cloth/white/beigey creations!


  10. I love that turquoise color!! It really looks better. What a great idea to put your glue gun a glue sticks in it! I love the rustic look. ❤️


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