toolboxes playing dress up.

Recently Prima Marketing sent me a few of their newest transfer designs.  To be honest, it might have been the best thing I received for Christmas this year!

They’ve got a couple of new kinds of transfers; foil transfers and adhesive transfers which are used with metallic foils.  I’ll be experimenting with both of those styles down the road, but for today I’m sharing some of their newest transfer collections.

I’m calling them ‘collections’ because these sets aren’t meant to be used as one large design on a single piece, but instead they have a bunch of smaller designs on each sheet that are meant to be cut up and used separately.  This makes them perfect for smaller projects, like dressing up some old toolboxes.

I’m guessing that I’m not the only one here who likes a rusty old toolbox.  Sometimes I re-paint old toolboxes, but when they are already a fab color I like to leave their original rusty patina alone.

But adding a little something extra is good too.

I started with this collection of transfers called Overflowing Love.

This one comes with two sheets of transfers, the one shown above which has several different designs and is meant to be cut apart and used individually (on the right below) and a second sheet with a full design meant to be kept together (on the left below).

It’s like getting two for one!

I added a couple of the big roses to the top and side of my turquoise toolbox.

They were super easy to apply.  I made sure the toolboxes were clean and dry first, and then I just rubbed them on.

Next I pulled out the Everyday Farmhouse collection.  This one comes with three sheets inside, all with various wording or numbers.

This is perfect for giving something a less flowery, more farmhouse-y rustic look.

You could literally do dozens of small projects with just this one set of transfers.

Finally, for a definitively industrial look, I pulled out the Industrial Mechanics transfer.

This set comes with three sheets that could be joined up together to create one large design.  Or you could use just part of it like I’ve done on this last metal case.

It has a chalkboard-ish sort of look to it, don’t you think?  This transfer would be perfect on a desk.

I use these toolboxes to store my craft supplies.

They work great for holding my hot glue gun or other crafting tools too.

Got any ideas for things you could use these new transfers on?  If so, please share in a comment.

If you’re wondering where to purchase the Prima Marketing transfers check out their ‘where to buy’ page.

19 thoughts on “toolboxes playing dress up.

  1. I have some Christmas signs I painted this year. I would remove the board to paint the backside and use the industrial mechanic transfer. I could flip the board back next December.


    1. Love that idea! My friend Terri has a sign that she flips around for Christmas too. Such a great idea because you have something in the spot where it hangs year round, plus you don’t have to find somewhere to store the Christmas sign 🙂


  2. Oh wow!! Those are all awesome! Have a pile of rusty toolboxes on my workbench that could use some help. These would be so pretty on my desk or even my mantel! Thanks so much for the inspiration. Happy New Year! May 2019 be filled with much beauty and many makeovers for all of us!🥳


  3. Again with the fun, rusty, embellished look! My favorite look, to be truthful. So now I’ve gotta get on Amazon and click away. Thanks for always feeding my addiction. But seriously, I love that there’s new stuff from Prima Marketing! And it’s great that you take the time to create fun projects to inspire us. Have a happy new year in case you take a break next week!


    1. I’m always glad to find kindred spirits when it comes to the rusty stuff. I sometimes wonder if people are looking at these and wondering ‘what in the world is she thinking?’ … because I know those people are out there too 😉


  4. Love, love, love these transfers! Look how cool those roses are on thae teal toolbox. And the black one is fabulous and I can see that easily on a desk. I’m going to order some and see what I can find to dress up!


    1. It’s nice to have medium size transfers available now. I know you love the Tim Holtz rub-on’s too, but they were to small for anything bigger than a breadbox 😉


  5. This year I hope to buy some of the transfers and do some damage to my things! Ever since I saw that beautiful dresser you did with florals, I’ve wanted to do something similar to an old family piece that needs some TLC.
    This past 6 months have been so turbulent (husband diagnosed with terminal cancer June 6 and given less than a year to live, his mother died next day, his father died Nov 12th) that I have not been able to do much but come here and lose myself in your creations and travels. I want to thank you so much for your blog. It has been a port in a storm for me as the year progressed! So happy to be able to say my husband beat the odds and was able to overcome the cancer and is now off chemo (YAY!) and we now look forward to our life together. This will be the year I get things done with paint and stencils thanks to your instructive posts.


    1. Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry that you have had such a difficult year. And I’m so happy that your husband was able to overcome that cancer, that is definitely something worth celebrating! I hope that you can now find the time to do some creating 🙂


  6. Oh Miss Quandie I love seeing all the projects you do with these rub-ons! I do want to try one but keep not pulling the trigger because of the huge selection……which to choose which to choose?? I love the Seeds Catalogue but then maybe Everyday Farmhouse or Industrial Mechanics might be more practical because there are more pieces? One question I have: do you stick the transfer across two drawer and then cut it? Or do you lie it across the two drawers not sticking yet and then cut it at the right place and THEN peel and stick? What I mean is do you lose part of the graphic in the crack? Does that make sense? Anyway…..thanks for being a rub-on force of nature! And…..Happy New Year! (-:


    1. I totally agree, there is a huge selection and how do you just pick one?! The solution is to pick more than one, LOL! But if you are brand new to rub-on’s, I think I’d be inclined to start with something like the Everyday Farmhouse so that you can experiment on a few smaller pieces first. And if you wreak one or two, no biggie because you have a bunch to play around with. As for your question about cutting the transfers, I generally do choose to ‘lose part of the graphic in the crack’. Mainly because I think the spacing of the design can look odd if you cut the transfer down the middle and then space it on either side of ‘the crack’. Does that make sense? And it really does depend somewhat on the design itself. If it’s something that will look odd with a space added in or not.


  7. We were all very excited to use the big transfers to splash over a dresser or cupboard and make something “unique.” Now I am excited to see some mid-range sized transfers to spiff up smaller items to use around the house. I like the feminine pink rose on the deliciously rusty tool box, but I LOVE the black technical drawing for its masculinity. A little yang to balance all of the yin I have created in my home! Gotta check these out!


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