the art of presentation.

My friend Sue has a lot of titles here on q is for quandie.  She is my picker, my co-worker, my garage sale mentor, my occasional sale partner, my garage sale spotter, my garden advisor and of course, my friend.

She is also the master at putting together amazing gift baskets.  Every year she gifts me with a spectacular collection of stuff for my birthday.

A while back when my sister and I were shopping in Excelsior, I came across this book …

and I immediately thought of Sue.  She loves the art of presentation, and this book is all about that.

The book also provided a jumping off point for creating a cheesy themed gift basket to give Sue for her recent birthday.

I started out by pulling out a galvanized container that I used to give a gift to Ken a couple of years ago.

Although he enjoyed all of the contents, as is his style, he returned the container for me to re-use.

So I started by sanding down the chalkboard paint on the front, and then painting the entire box with Dixie Belle’s Midnight Sky.

Then I added some transfers from prima’s Somewhere in France.

They don’t quite have a cheesy theme, but I thought they would do.

While I was out thrifting with Meggan last week, I asked her to help me keep an eye out for some items that I could add to my cheesy themed gift and she helped me spot a couple of good options.

I like finding things that I can add my own touch to using paint.  The wooden handle of the cheese knife got a coat of Dixie Belle’s Midnight Sky, and the wooden wedge shaped gift set got a paint job in Drop Cloth.

Then I added a JRV stencil to the front using the Midnight Sky.

Here’s the inside …

Next it was just a matter of adding some edibles.

Hopefully Sue will have fun putting together some cheese plates that will change lives!

26 thoughts on “the art of presentation.

  1. What fun!! It’s almost as fun putting together a gift basket as receiving one. Almost!! I’m in the process of gathering items for an Italian themed gift basket for my D-in-laws mom as a Christmas gift! I found a cheater recipe for Carrabas Olive oil bread dip. I’m thinking I will have to try that one out before gifting!!
    Hope you have a Spooktacular Halloween 🎃


  2. What a fantastic gift!! I too love to put together cheese boards. I am going to look for that book on eBay. I also have a NON- collection of cookbooks. 😂 Thanks for sharing 😊


  3. Dang I wish I lived close so I could advise you on sales. Cause that cheese gift box would be worth the move… Thanks for a clever idea for gifting.


  4. What an awesome gift! That book looks delightful and the contents of the gift basket delicious. And the paint and stencils were the perfect touches to make this a beautiful, thoughtful, and personalized gift. So refreshing in the age of “send them a gift card.” Thanks for the inspiration.


  5. How happy is it to get a genuine quandified gift!……of any sort! (-: This gift “basket” is darling and whacha wanna bet that Picker Sue will NOT be returning the box so that you can use it again? Hahahahahaha (-;


    1. LOL … you’re so right about that Connie. She’s already shared a photo of it adorning her mantlepiece next to some white pumpkins, and if I do say so myself, it looks pretty fab there.


  6. I’m absolutely going to copy this idea for my son and his wife who love to entertain. Of course your painting/stenciling/transferring skills make this such a personalized gift. It’s truly a blessing to have friends who enjoy the same activities as you too.


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