let it snow.


I’ve mentioned it once or twice here before, I think, but not only does my neighbor Ken do all of my furniture fixes, but he also snow blows our driveway for us.

Honestly, I have no idea how I got so lucky to have such an amazing neighbor.  Clearly I did something pretty darn fantastic in a previous life.

Ken is generally pretty camera shy.  He does not want to be famous (as if writing about him on my blog would make him anywhere near famous).  But I think I’m safe with this shot of him in action …


He has a pretty heavy duty snowblower.  He can get our whole driveway in just three or four passes.  He often goes across the street and gets nnK’s driveway as well.

Mr. Q and I always make a point of thanking him profusely, and Ken always underplays it and says it’s nothing.  But it really is something to have a neighbor who just does this for you.  So I try to get him a ‘thank you’ gift each year.  This year I put together a hot cocoa bar so he can go inside and warm up from the inside out when he finishes all of that snow blowing.


I started with a galvanized box that I purchased at a garage sale some time ago.


I taped off a rectangle on the front of the box and painted it with black chalk board paint.   Once dry, I ‘seasoned’ it by rubbing chalk all over and then wiping it off.  Next, I used my ‘cheater’ method of adding some chalk lettering.  I printed a design on paper and then rubbed white chalk all over the back of the paper.  I placed the paper over my chalkboard rectangle and traced around it with a pencil, thus transferring a slight chalk outline to my box.

Then I used a sharp chalk pencil to darken (lighten?) up that outline.  I’ve done that on the ‘Let it’ above, but not the ‘snow’ yet.  Just to give you an idea how faint the design transfer will be at first.  Lastly I fill in the design with sharpened chalk (I use an old lip pencil sharpener to sharpen the chalk).

If you’re one of those people who always feels like your own hand drawn writing just isn’t quite good enough, this is a great way to fake it.

I filled the box with the ingredients necessary for a Peppermint Patty.


If you’ve never had one, it’s basically hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps.  You can doctor it up however you wish; whipped cream, marshmallows, peppermint stir sticks, and so on.


I added these adorable cups that my Carriage House sale co-hostess Sue made.


Now Ken is all set for the next big snow.


And I hope he knows how much we appreciate him!


29 thoughts on “let it snow.

  1. Good ‘ole Ken strikes again! What a phenomenal neighbor…and his wife deserves kudos for sharing her guy too! It’s not everyday a man of his caliber comes along – you are right to appreciate him. The cocoa box is fabulous and I’m sure it will be put to good use. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!


  2. What a great guy! So hardworking and humble, he could write a training manual for young men 😉 I’m glad you shared his gift, love it!


  3. What a great Thank You Gift. It’s much better than giving him $20.00. It shows you put thought,. time, and effort the Thank You. Hope he has a fireplace so he can go home, make hot chocolate and sit by the fire and warm up.


  4. What a great neighbor and friend you have. Also, anyone would love to receive a beautiful thank you basket like that. I’m going to try that cheater lettering method too.


  5. You are very blessed indeed! I think that Ken enjoys doing for you and your husband as well. I have a friend who sharpens all the ladies knifes and scissors. He does it because he enjoys it. People like this do not realize the gift that they are bringing to others. You too are a gift to others! You help others by the talents that you were given. As we bless others we to are blessed. Thank you for your talents! What a wonderful gift.


  6. Q,
    Wow, Ken is such a good man! They don’t make them like that anymore! I bet he opens doors for women and other gentlemanly things! Our new neighbor plowed our driveway last year! My husband has a heart condition, so we appreciated it very much! There are still some outstanding men out there! Ken is at the top of the bunch!! He will love your thoughtful gift!


  7. What a great, awesome gift for a great, awesome neighbor! Loving it…I have to remember that idea for holiday gifts next year! Thanks for sharing, Linda, you are the best!


  8. Seems like a monetary gift or gift certificate is the appropriate gift for someone like Ken. It is not cheap to maintain a snowblower, pay for gas, etc. Never mind all the furniture repair!


  9. Love the gift very spot on, particularly the cool container with the fancy “Let It Snow”, but I have learned to expect nothing less from the great Quandie. Ken is definitely one terrific guy amd neighbor. I suspect that goes both ways Linda.


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