abdicating the throne.

I’ve always been fascinated with British history.  Somehow their stories of kings and queens, princes locked in towers, and wives who lose their heads have always been far more interesting to me than our plain old American history.

One bit of English history that I’ve found interesting was Edward VIII’s abdication of the throne.  It all seems so romantic.  He falls in love with a twice married American woman and gives up being the King of England in order to … gasp, the horror … marry her.  But that’s just one way of looking at that particular story.  I watched the Wallis Simpson:  The Secret Letters documentary a while back and that film seemed to imply that Edward simply didn’t want to be King and having a relationship with Wallis provided him with an excuse to get out of it.

  But I don’t suppose we’ll ever really know the truth behind that, will we?

Speaking of kings and queens, when I posted my painted pumpkins a week or so ago, Kathy M left a comment calling me the Queen of Transfers.  The timing was ironic since I was right in the middle of deciding whether or not to sign a new contract with re.design with prima.  This time around they were asking me to commit to using their transfers, molds and stamps exclusively.  In other words, I couldn’t use any of their competitor’s products.  Ever.

Ironically, I had just placed an order for over $100 worth of IOD (ie, their competitor) transfers when their email arrived.  So, after some long, hard thinking, I made the decision to abdicate my throne.  I am not renewing my contract with them and thus giving up my spot on their Brand Ambassador team.

But I can’t help but draw a parallel to Edward.  Maybe my refusal to commit to exclusivity is my own ‘Wallis Simpson’.  In other words, it’s just an excuse I’m using to get out of something I no longer wanted to do.

Lately I was struggling with feeling obligated to use new release products even when I didn’t feel inspired by them.  I was also finding it difficult to juggle the re-scheduling of my posts when release dates were changed at the last minute.  I also wasn’t really loving any of their latest designs.

There are lots of florals, and color.

But what there aren’t a lot of are words.

Simple, black or dark grey, words …

Or even just gold words …

I love words.  And I love adding them to furniture.

To be honest, I feel like a weight has been lifted.  Now I can just create what I want to, when I want to.  I don’t have to worry about when my posts are scheduled and whether or not I’ve used products that are new or not.  And I don’t have to feel guilty about using the competitor’s products.

Now, you’re still going to see plenty of re.design with prima transfers on my pieces going forward.  I have a stockpile that includes quite a few of my wordy favorites like Parisian Letter …

and Somewhere in France

And Fresh Flowers

and Laundry

I also have a few Classic Vintage Labels to use up.

You’ll also still see me using the re.design with prima metallic waxes too.  Those things are amazing.

But you’re also going to see more IOD transfers, because I just can’t get enough of their Label Ephemera transfer …

which is why I ordered two more of them and am waiting for them to show up so I can finish the amazing cupboard I’ve been working on.

You’re also going to see me working with more stencils going forward including some fun German stencils that just arrived from Daggi at Gonepaintin’ (you can check out her blog here, and her Etsy shop here).

And who knows what other products I might explore using in the future.  Any recommendations?

36 thoughts on “abdicating the throne.

  1. Well good for you. I like florals but like you, I like word more. IOD is my favorite. I’m learning to use their stamps. You might want to look at JRV stencils. She has some good ones.


      1. No one wants their creativity stifled! I’m glad you made this decision…what is good for your blog, is good for you. When it becomes work, it loses its appeal. You know yourself pretty well – glad you opted for your creative self! And words are better than florals!❤

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  2. Good for you – no one wants to be controlled creatively or otherwise! I just looked at the German stencils and those are fun! Our family history is very German leaning, and my husband and daughter both speak it, majoring in it in college. They will have to help me navigate her blog! Looking forward to seeing your new projects! It’s the start of a new season for you, on this last day of summer 🙂


  3. Well, being a brand ambassador certainly has some perks, but not at the expense of following your own creativity and joy. Glad to know you followed your heart!

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  4. Is there a translation button for the blog from Germany beautiful inspiration just wish I could read her post😌
    Btw I love that you gave up your throne smart choice to not limit your creativity or have to do things you don’t love


    1. Hmmm. I’m not terribly savvy at techie stuff. However, when I go into her blog, Google translate pops up automatically in the upper right hand corner and asks if I want English. I can also right click on her home page and ‘translate to English’ is an option. Hopefully one of those will work for you!


  5. Good for you! I am glad. You have so much insight and talent you don’t need being limited to just using their product. I love what you create and the variety of products that you use. 😊

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  6. Thanks for some insight on the working of your ambassador position. To be uninspired is never a good place to be-you made the right choice. Words over flowers any day.


  7. I am thankful that you have always had variety in the products that you use. Personally I’d get bored if I had to stick to one company’s product line. I like a lot of IOD products, I actually wish they would bring back some of their older transfers. I like them much better than Prima’s new releases! One can only do so many flowers right? Thank you for doing you. 🙂


    1. Both the IOD and the prima transfers are great products, but I think the IOD designs (whether it’s the ones they did for prima back in the day before they split off, or their newer ones) are more my style. Although, to be fair, the new 2020 IOD release is all flowers and deer, and no words either! Drat!


  8. Oh dear! I think you did the right thing absolutely! And I too am fascinated by the Wallace Simpson story! Anything that inhibits a persons freedom of expression is just not to be tolerated!


    1. It is a fascinating story, and personally I can totally understand why one might not want to be King. It would be especially hard for an introvert like me. Imagine having to attend all of those huge functions all the time. Ugh!


  9. Oh Miss Quandie I just loved this post! I’ve always wondered if you had a secret “floral” side that just didn’t get tapped into (thankfully) very often! Cabbage rose prints are pretty……but should be used VERY sparingly (IMHO) because they overpower everything else. I am an unapologetic anglophile! I love the country, the history, the principles that shed so much light around the globe……Dickens is my very favorite author and I’ve read each of his novels at least twice, some of them three times, because he creates a world that I so love going back into! And this from someone who lived in France for two years hahahaha! I love love love your words furniture transfers! Literally every one of them…..I love the creamy finish you manage to achieve on everything. And your Jonas Schroder stencil got me going on some German word projects. So refreshing after seeing French on EVERYTHING! I’m not convinced that French typography will age as well as English (Seeds Catalogue!) and German. Anyway, I seem to be going off on tangents……..oh look! a chicken! HAhahahahahahaha!


    1. Well, it’s possible that I really do have a secret floral side. I really did love the shabby chic florals when they were big. And once upon a time my house was full of cabbage rose fabrics. But these days I go for a much simpler look.


  10. Good decision Linda. Creativity rules the day. And even though I too can appreciate a floral like you I’m more into words/quotes myself. I kind of wondered if you had an arrangement in the past year. Seemed like you were leaning in a bit of a different direction. And by the way I cannot get enough of the Union Jack pieces you do.
    I watched that Wallis Simpson piece too. She didn’t sound very happy about the way things evolved.


    1. No, she really didn’t sound happy did she? It seemed like she just got swept up in things and then couldn’t figure out how to get out of it in the end. Fortunately it was much easier for me to extricate myself from the re.design with prima team. And they were gracious enough to say that I was welcome back at any time, so if I find it was a mistake I can always go back 🙂


  11. Good for you! I didn’t read all the comments but do you know about Roycycled Treasures? She has decompauge paper that I’m SURE you would like


  12. So glad you will still be using IOD! As a stockist I often refer people to your blog for inspiration.I began using their products because I love text on my pieces too.


  13. Power to you for standing by your creative freedom. This must’ve been a hard decision to make but I’m happy for it. More variety for us and the freedom for you to express yourself. You can now use all the prima designs and products you want, own your own time while being open to trying new and wonderful things. Congratulations on your freedom!


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