painted pumpkins.

I have mixed feelings about the color orange, how about you?

I love wearing it.  Over the years, some of my favorite articles of clothing have been orange.

I also tend to like orange foods.  Pumpkin, sweet potatoes, carrots, oranges, Dreamsicles … all good.

But I’m not a big fan of decorating with orange for fall.  At least not inside the house, outside might be a different matter with all of those beautiful fall colored leaves accented with some orange mums or pumpkins.

But inside, I want to go in a different direction so I decided to paint up a few pumpkins to match my decorating style a bit more.  I actually purchased these faux pumpkins last year after the fall season when they were 75% off.  I was thinking ahead for once!

I decided to give these a base coat of grey primer spray paint because I felt that would be easier to cover with my Dixie Belle colors than the orange.  Once I had them fully coated in the primer, I painted each one a different color.  I used Dixie Belle’s Sea Glass, Sawmill Gravy, Drop Cloth and French Linen (from left to right).

Next I added some transfers to each pumpkin.  This one got some bits from the IOD Label Ephemera transfer …

A couple of them got Classic Vintage Label transfers from with prima …

and this one …

And this one got a section from their Paris Valley transfer …

Once the transfers were in place I pulled out some of my metallic waxes from with prima to add to the pumpkin stems.

I used Eternal, which is a brighter gold, on two of them …

And I used Bronze Age on the other two, which is a little more subdued.

So, how about you?  Do you prefer a more traditional approach to decorating with pumpkins in the fall?

or would you be happier with something a little bit different?

You can find a recap of my less traditional fall decorating projects from previous years here.

As always, thank you to Dixie Belle Paint Co and to with prima for providing the products used for today’s project.

If you’re looking for Dixie Belle products you can find them here.

If you’re looking for with prima products you can find local retailers here, or online sources here.

27 thoughts on “painted pumpkins.

  1. Luv this idea!! I’m for the less traditional look, surely is gorgeous to the eye and soul! Thanks for the how to’!! Lyv from TEXAS….


      1. LOL, OK, OK. Here in Minnesota, usually when someone doesn’t like something but they don’t want to hurt your feelings they say ‘well, that’s different’ … or something along those lines. But you’re not from around here, are you Dot? And of course you are right, they are unique! So thank you very much!


  2. I am a lover of all things Fall-even orange pumpkins! However, I love your interpretation of the pumpkins! They all look so lovely. I would use them as well. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. All 4 are absolutely adorable! This year i’m going to get ALL leftovers once season is done!!!:))) They look sooooo great!


  4. Your new painted pumpkins are the best! While I have never minded the traditional pumpkin look I find myself very happy looking at your updated pumpkins. I’m going to have to hit the craft stores after the holidays and stock up. Or look for some at the thrift store.


  5. I love your pumpkins! They’re yummy looking (-: Orange is not a color that I like very much….in fact, all the “Fall” colors evoke a kind of downer feeling inside me, a kind of melancholy )-: I used to kind of enjoy that feeling! that melancholy…..but I haven’t anymore for a long time (-: (-: (-:


    1. There is something a little melancholy about fall, isn’t there? We went from a high of 85 on Sunday to a current temp of 48 (Tuesday evening) and we just turned on the heat in our house. Just like that, summer is over and fall has begun!


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