lula gets a makeover.

Way back when my blog was new I shared a ‘dress form’ that I cobbled together using an old Styrofoam mannequin and the base of a small table.  I’ve used her as a prop in quite a few photo shoots …

She was painted with black chalkboard paint and the writing was added using a white chalk pen.

She’s named after my Great Aunt Lu who’s picture is pinned to her above.

Recently I decided to give Lula a bit of a refresh.  She gets a bit banged up when I’m manhandling her for photo shoots which allows the yellow Styrofoam to show through my black paint.  So I wiped her down with a damp cloth and then gave her a quick coat of Dixie Belle’s Midnight Sky.

I polished up her black enamel door knob of a neck and put it back on.

Instead of writing on her with the chalk pen, this time I decided to break out one of the brand new with prima transfers called Gilded Home & Nature.

I used two of the designs in the set (I circled them above), I added the flowery swag to Lula’s decolletage …

And I added the golden crown to her … well, I hate to say this but Mr. Q called it a’ crotch crown.’  Let’s not call it that though, let’s call that area her ‘skirt’.

The gold wording at the bottom is part of the Somewhere in France transfer set.

Now that Lula is refreshed a bit, she has rejoined her pal Collette in our principle bedroom.

As always, thank you to Dixie Belle Paint Co and with prima for providing the supplies used for Lula’s makeover.

If you’re looking for Dixie Belle products you can find them here.

If you’re looking for with prima products you can find local retailers here, or online sources here.


23 thoughts on “lula gets a makeover.

  1. Yeah – I was sipping on some hot apple cider when I read Mr. Q’s remark. He’s definitely got a wry sense of humor. Have always loved Lulu. Nice revamp crown transfer and all. Her jewels add a nice touch too!


  2. Lula is now fresh and ready to be seen on more photo shoots. Transfers are great, the door knob is perfect. I love all the fancy necklaces, apparently Lula believes in excess in all things is best.


  3. I love Mike’s sense of humor…who wouldn’t want a crotch crown. Lol. She looks 100% refreshed and ready for business. The jewelry is top notch too…


    1. They look fantastic over dark colors, but I’ve also seen them used over a warm white which also looks fabulous. In fact, I can’t really think of a color they don’t look good on … maybe yellow?


  4. Oh My Gosh!! I just love Lula and Colette. I have been searching for a maniquin to dress up. She looks so “royal”. I love her jewelry also. Nothing goes better with black than pearls!


  5. Love the Snapshot of Aunt Lulu, not sure if that is Uncle Homer or not, was there anything on the back of the photo? Lu’s first husband died in an accident and Homer was #2. I think you should have named her Evelyn after the youngest Moe sibling. Ronnie said she was quite the hoot, ran around the house naked most the time. She always kept her doors locked but the family knew you never entered without her letting you in because that always gave her time to slip on her house dress. She also would always have Earring and a Necklace on when she opened the door that way she always looked presentable, even though she was buck naked under that house dress. She would also shed her top while she drove the tractor so she wouldn’t have a “farmer tan” when she wore her sundresses or sleeve-less blouses, she always had lipstick on the and was quite the fashion plate. I wish I could have gotten to know her. On Friday nites they would sit on a bench with the Dahls and watch the people. They would send Ronnie into the pool hall to by those small bottles of 7-up and real Coca-Cola , Ronnie would always get the first couple of swigs off the little bottles, then they would top off the bottles with Whiskey. Ronnie loved Friday nights,!


    1. It’s not Homer, it’s her first husband. My mom called him Scrub, but I can’t imagine that was his real name. Then again, you never know. My mom has some good stories about Evelyn too, I may have to get another dress form so I can name one after her 😉


      1. Lu had a great laugh and was an awesome cook, always made creamed pearl onions for Christmas because Gay loved them. Evelyn was way more fun, if the kids had to stay with one of them, they would always choose Evelyn if given a choice/per baby Ronnie who was spoiled by both. Lulu looks lovely with her fancy beads and crotch crown, but your are right it would be better suited for Evelyn! She was a wild woman!😉🤭😆


    1. LOL, yes she does. I thought about trying to ‘tighten’ her up a bit, but realized I liked her sass. Maybe that philosophy should apply to all of us, huh? 😉


  6. Maybe she needs a transfer in the small of her back like a “Tramp Stamp” as my kids call tattoos back there to match her crotch crown!! LOL


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