two times the fun.

On Saturday my sister Debbie, Sue (my picker), and another of my co-workers (Cathy) and I all met up at my house to go to an estate sale nearby.  The ad made it obvious that the owners of the ‘estate’ had been long time collectors.  I noticed that they had quite a lot of Disney stuff, which I knew would appeal to my sister, but they also had lots of vintage goodies for me too.

Oftentimes estate sale prices are just too high for me, but I found quite a few things at the sale on Saturday morning.

The sellers mentioned that they’d be open again on Sunday and everything under $100 would be half off.  Since the sale was only a few blocks from my house, Debbie and I went back again on Sunday and I found a few more fun things …

There were two things I specifically wanted to go back for and one of them was the black wooden box.

The day 1 price of $25 was a bit steep for me, but $12.50 was much more palatable.  I was happy to see that it was still there on Sunday morning.

The 2nd thing was a very lovely pink and white hand sewn quilt.  Unfortunately that was gone.  However, I did find this pretty blue and white one which I didn’t even see on day 1.

It has a few stains, but I’m hoping a good soak with some OxyClean will freshen it right up.

I’ve already given several of the items I purchased a little quandification.

The enamelware coffee pot now has a Prima Marketing Delicious Menu transfer added.

I also added a transfer from their Everyday Farmhouse set to this little pink enamelware pot.

Based on the shape, I would guess it was a chamber pot, but it’s so small.  Even for a child sized pottie, it’s pretty tiny.  Does anyone else have any guesses what this might have been meant for?  Could it have been meant as a toy, sort of a doll sized pottie?

Well, regardless, it’s perfect for a plant now.

This galvanized scoop also got an Everyday Farmhouse transfer …

Some of the finds don’t need any added embellishment like this fabulously chippy blue scale.

I love the shade of green on these Bobbsey Twins books.

And how about this large ironstone pitcher?

And who could resist this adorable little Spode creamer for only $2?

I’m giving ‘find of the day’ status for Saturday to this giant flour bin.

It’s a little hard to tell in that photo, but this thing is over 2′ tall.  It would make an awesome trash can for the kitchen or bathroom, but I plan to use it to hold all of my rolls of paper and vintage wallpaper.

Much more stylish than a plastic bin, don’t you agree?

For now I’ve got it out on the front porch next to my updated farmhouse table, but eventually I’ll probably move it into the q branch.

That photo does a better job of putting the size into perspective for you.  Isn’t it fab?

I have to say, it was two times the fun going to this estate sale on both Saturday and Sunday.  So tell me, which of the items I purchased is your favorite?


45 thoughts on “two times the fun.

  1. Love, love your finds! I especially love the tin measuring cup with the green handle and the blue scale. And yes, the tall metal container is fabulous. I would seal the inside personally just in case it might leave marks on you paper, but it’s difficult to tell if it would from the photo. I love going on half price day because you can get twice as much stuff! Thanks for sharing your treasures.


  2. I absolutely loved everything you purchased. I don’t know about you but sales like that, with all those goodies, give me an adrenaline rush. I probably would have ran and maybe pushed a few people to get to that tin because that thing it’s absolutely fabulous!!!


    1. Funny enough, no one even seemed to be noticed the flour tin. And by the way, I didn’t mention that I had to take the trash out of! I think everyone else just saw ‘trash can’ instead of ‘cool antique flour bin’.


  3. I love the flower trash can and the iron stone pitcher! I bet there was a lot of cool things at the sale if they had been long time collectors.


    1. Definitely. One thing they collected was antique silver pickle castors. The details on them were really pretty, but what would you do with one other than display it in a china cabinet? It’s unlikely one would ever actually use it to serve pickles anymore. They were marked $60 on day one, which made them $30 on day 2. I’m sure they are worth every penny to a collector but they didn’t seem to be moving at all.


  4. The flour bin, the black box, like you I have a few non collections too, and the scale in that order. Would that box fit on your bookshelves in the living room? Got to love the patina on everything. Isn’t it amazing how adding typography creates even more charm? The minute I saw the pink pot I thought chamberpot.
    The quilt and the spode creamer nice finds as well. Really great sale and good eye.


    1. Thanks Victoria! And yes, the box would fit perfectly on the living room bookshelves. The only problem is that I then have to remove something else, and I couldn’t decided which things should get the ax. I’m still noodling that one.


  5. The flour canister wins my vote, without a doubt, what a terrific score! I have been trying not to go out on the weekends, however, when I see what you found, I am so anxious to go back on the hunt. Your taste and mine are so, so silmilar!


    1. I really couldn’t resist that flour bin. I bought it at full price on day one because I just wasn’t sure it would still be there on Sunday. In hindsight, I’m guessing it might have been and I could have saved some money. But … wanted to be sure I got it!


  6. My favorite was the measuring cup with the green handle..just too cute. The Flour tin is definitely unique. Very nice finds.


      1. I would have never thought to use that cup as a scoop for dog food. Now I want one. Great idea!


  7. I love and collect scales but I guess I’d have to go for the huge flour bin – it’s an amazing monstrosity! Especially next to the table 🙂


  8. You pick out all the same things I would have. Flour Tin was s super find. Also loved the trunk and the beautiful tall ironstone pitcher. Makes a great vase.


  9. My favorite is the pink potty! I have one like it, but it is white. I know it looks small to us, but a two year olds butt fits it well! You don’t want them to fall down in it, and as long as you centered their hiney on it, your good! Lol
    I have never seen a pink one!
    Love all your finds! Estate sales are my favorite! The ones we go to have half price Saturday on most items, no dollar limit! If they know you, they sometimes do half price on Friday afternoons!


  10. I collect vintage creamers, so I would have to vote for the Spode creamer. It’s just lovely! I also like the handled measuring cup. Too cute! You had great luck. Did your companions fare as well?


  11. Love the pink potty. ITS PINK! Just love it maybe w a succulent that has some pink tips? Just too sweet. Great sale.


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