don’t take life (or decorating) too seriously.

Back when I began blogging I added a page on my blog called ‘tour my house’.  Although I have updated it sporadically over time, I haven’t really kept up on it.

I’ve also attempted to do ‘house tour’ posts at Christmas, but haven’t managed that either.

Quite honestly, I’m completely overwhelmed by the idea of cleaning/tidying my entire house and then photographing it all in one go.  So I decided to set a goal for myself of doing just one room per week until the whole house is done.

That being said, welcome to the first post of my home tour series!

It would seem logical to start with the outside, but Mr. Q and I are in the middle of a spruce up to our deck area, so I’m going to hold off on that for now.  Instead let’s begin at the front of the house on our three season porch.

I hand painted the black & white checkerboard pattern on the floor several years ago.  It was actually the 2nd time I’d painted a checkerboard floor out here.  The first time it was in shades of green.  I love the drama of the black & white, but kind of wish I’d gone for a more subtle look with grey & white.

If you’ve always longed for a painted floor, I will warn you that they get scratched up over time.  I did use Behr Porch & Patio Floor paint, which is formulated specifically for floors.  Nonetheless, the floor no longer looks pristine.  My advice to you is don’t paint your floors unless you are OK with an imperfect, worn over time, sort of look.

The most recent addition to my front porch is the updated farmhouse table that I shared last week along with the giant flour bin I purchased at the estate sale last weekend.

Looking at that photo you may be wondering ‘who in the world still has a wall mounted telephone?’, well, not me.  That a bakelite Masterphone.

When I purchased it (at a garage sale naturally) I thought it was some sort of phone for calling the servants since there’s no dial.  So I hung it in an ironic sort of way, because clearly we don’t have any servants.  Turns out these were really used on switchboards.

Just on the other side of the front door is my black cupboard.  I added a Prima Marketing transfer to the inside back in June.

I had been planning to sell the cupboard until I fell in love with the transfer inside, so for now it stays.

Way, way back in the day I had a complete set of matching wicker furniture on this porch that included a chaise, a matching chair, a matching foot stool, a matching table and a matching plant stand.  I was a matching fool when I was young.

I came to my senses over time and got rid of all of the pieces one by one except for this chaise.

Originally all of the associated cushions were floral in shades of peach and green (it was the 80’s after all).  But many years ago my friend Sue made me a simple linen slipcover for the chaise cushion.

Fortunately the cover is washable because in reality this chaise lounge really just functions as a large cat bed.

On most summer days you will find Lucy sleeping out here on the chaise.  Since it’s the most well lit room in the house she has to put her arm across her face to get a little shut eye.  Maybe she needs one of those eye mask thingies.

The pillow behind her is encased in one of my favorite finds ever, a gorgeous monogrammed pillow case.

Sadly, it has deteriorated over time and ripped quite a bit.  I need to take the time to repair and reinforce it, that doesn’t seem to be near the top of my very long to-do list though.

This bird house that I purchased many years ago at Oronoco Gold Rush perches on my Norwegian blue stool in the corner.

I’ve never wanted to actually put this outside and allow birds to live in it.  I don’t think it would hold up in the elements and I’d hate to see it ruined.

The 2nd seating option on the porch is another Adirondack chair that my handyman Ken made for us.  Mr. Q loves this chair and this is his spot on the porch.

The black pillows are from H & M Home several years ago.

This chippy blue stool adds a pop of color next to Mr. Q’s chair.

It also makes a convenient spot for a beverage when it’s not holding a tiny Spode creamer filled with flowers.

This trunk serves as another repository for drinks in between the two seats in the room.

The chippy paint job is original but I added the stencil.  One of these days I’d like to re-do this piece and use a transfer on the front.  But I don’t know, is three too many transfers for one room?

Well, make that four if you count the Bugs Bunny quote that I put above the windows.  Technically this is also a transfer.

I’ve always felt like this is a good reminder.  But I’ll take it one step further and say don’t take decorating too seriously either.

If you’re sensing any kind of theme in this room at all, it’s that almost everything is reused, re-purposed and/or restyled.  All of the items were purchased inexpensively at garage sales, or handmade.  I have lots of other things I’d rather spend my hard earned money on (travel!), so I decorate on the cheap.

Next Wednesday we’ll head inside the house and check out the living room, so be sure to stay tuned!

28 thoughts on “don’t take life (or decorating) too seriously.

  1. Linda, I adore your three season porch and every last thing in it! I wouldn’t mind a little scruff on the floor at all!


    1. I have to confess that those scratches and scuffs do bug me a little 😉 I can live with them on a porch, but don’t think I would like them in a more ‘formal’ room like a living room or dining room.


  2. Your three season room is so awesome! In the cooler months that is where you would find me! Lucy looks so sweet taking her nap! I agree that it is overwhelming to think of having my entire house picture ready all at once! I feel the same way, but you and I do have a day job, and that matters! It is easier if you don’t work outside of the home. Looking forward to the rest of the tour!


  3. You make decorating on the cheap look so good! I love this room. So many things to enjoy. I agree with Lucy. I would hang out here quite a bit!


  4. Yesterday I commented that our tastes are very similar and now I wonder if we were seperated at birth. Quotes from one of my favorite wise guys, the wonderful Bugs Bunny and a beloved pet with the name Lucy. (Though our Lucy was a black lab mix with the sweetest disposition.) One room at a time is still a wonderful treat, Love the phone, have never seen one before.


    1. It is possible. I always used to tell my mom that I think she brought the wrong baby home from the hospital. Recently we were talking about the DNA tests that are all the rage and I said I’d never do one of those because I don’t want to find out that I am in the wrong family. And of course I’m just kidding, in case that isn’t apparent 🙂 I’m pretty sure that I’m in the right place.


  5. What a welcoming, unserious (not sure if that is even a word) place to spend some time.Lucy looks like queen on the chaise!


  6. Lucy looks adorable. If I ever get a cat, I want her to be just like Lucy: friendly and cuddly! Your porch looks so inviting!


  7. Linda,
    I think the porch is perfect in every way! I so enjoy your creativity! Keep up the good work andyikes to cleaning the whole house! 😊
    Smiles, Alice


  8. The porch area that you have created is so beautiful. I love all of the design elements in this room. The room has your wonderful stamp on everything in it! I could spend some serious time in this place. It’s perfect ❤️


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