the millennial pink dresser.

Have you heard of Millennial Pink?  Did you know it was a ‘thing’?

As is typical for me, I am only just discovering this trend while the cool kids are already saying it has to go.

Seriously, I am never on top of these things.

But before we get to the Millennial Pink, I first have to admit with some embarrassment how I learned about it.  You see, I have a secret guilty pleasure.  I watch the Trackers on YouTube.  I can hear many of you now asking, ‘um, who?’

Tim & Jenn Tracker are YouTube vloggers.  They live in Orlando, Florida and they mostly vlog about the various theme parks in that area including Disney World.  I came across them while looking for Disney info prior to our trip down there last October.  I started watching a few of their vlog posts and bam!  I was hooked.

I really can’t explain why.  Of course, I enjoy watching their excursions into the parks.  And I love that they share insider tips as well as honest reviews of everything from the food to the rides.  They share the real thing, not doctored up versions designed to look good on camera.  But I have to confess that I also sometimes watch their vlogs about shopping at Target, or cutting up left over pizza, adding it to eggs and frying it up in a pan to make ‘pizza eggs’.

They are just so darn adorable!  Somehow I now feel like I know them and am invested in their lives.  So I’ll admit it, I’m a vlog lurker, and apparently so are about 364,000+ subscribers to their YouTube channel.

And this brings us back to Millennial Pink.  Lately Tim & Jenn (see?  it’s as though we are on a first name basis) have been frequently mentioning Disney goods that are available in Millennial Pink, especial the Mickey ears.

So the last time this came up, I turned to Mr. Q  – because, oh yes, he sometimes indulges in this guilty pleasure with me, even though he’d rather poke his eye out with a sharp stick than go to Disney World – and said “what is this Millennial Pink they keep talking about?  Is it just a Disney thing?”  So he googled it for me and said, “I guess it’s just a color thing, and it applies to home décor too.”

Who knew?

Well, probably everyone but me … and Mr. Q.

Obviously the next step was to paint something in Millennial Pink so I could be one of the cool kids, so I started keeping an eye out for just the right piece.

And then I found it …

a beat up mid-century piece that I thought would look amazing in Millennial Pink.

Luckily I already had a jar of Fusion’s English Rose on hand.  I hope they don’t mind that I took the liberty of renaming it just for this post.

Before I started painting though, my handyman Ken and I shored up the base of the dresser because it was a little wobbly.  Ken is one of those people who like to do things the right way.  So we removed the base, re-glued and clamped the cross piece, and then once that was good and sturdy we re-glued the base back onto the dresser.  Now it’s rock solid.

Once again, the top of this mid-mod piece was plastic laminate so I painted that with a coat of Fusion’s Ultra Grip and let it dry overnight before moving on to the rest of the painting.

It took three coats of the English Rose to get good coverage on this one.  I’d already used about 1/4 of my jar of paint on something else, so it took every last bit of paint I had left to complete the job.

I used Prima Marketing Metallique wax in Vintage Gold to add a little glam to the original drawer pulls.

If you haven’t tried this stuff you should.  I use a q-tip to apply it, wait overnight for it to dry and then buff with a clean cloth.  Easy peasy, and it looks amazing.  It’s also super affordable (it’s available online for about $6).

It comes in a tiny little tin, but a little goes a very long way.  I’ve barely made a dent in mine and I’ve used it on countless knobs.  I much prefer the packaging of this version over others like Rub ‘n Buff.  The tin it comes in has a screw on lid that is easy to open and close tightly, so your wax doesn’t dry out.  I had nothing but trouble with those little tubes that the Rub ‘n Buff comes in.

I pulled out some vintage mid-century wallpaper, some aqua and cream pottery and my cream colored Remington Ten Forty for staging.

Isn’t this dresser much prettier in pink?

Let’s talk for a moment about the (pink) elephant in the room.  You may have noticed that I seem to be doing more mid-century pieces these days.  That’s because I’m finding that mid-century is selling really well for me while many of my more farmhouse style pieces are taking a bit longer to find the right buyer.

I feel like I’m walking a bit of a thin line between producing pieces that will sell and producing pieces that my blog readers want to see.  I hope that most of you enjoy seeing the mid-century makeovers even if it isn’t quite your thing.  There are going to be more of them to come, I brought home two more mid-mod pieces last weekend.  But don’t worry, I’ll still mix it up with some of the chippy, farmhouse style pieces that I love.  And hopefully they’ll start selling a little better now that the weather has improved here in Minnesota.  I did sell both the spring fling dresser and the indigo desk this past weekend, so I think that’s a good sign.

That being said, what do you think of Millennial Pink?

This dresser is available for sale, so if any of you locals are interested check out my ‘available for local sale’ page for more details.

33 thoughts on “the millennial pink dresser.

  1. That is adorable! I could see it working so well in a nursery or really anywhere. I love pink with any number of other colors and it certainly is having a moment right now! I enjoy the mid century interspersed with the farmhouse. Another good job and I love seeing how you bring these pieces back to life.


    1. Thanks so much Sheri! This piece would be perfect for a nursery, and I like using Fusion paint on nursery pieces because it has that built-in top coat that is washable.


  2. Bring on the MCM. I am loving your interpretation that make these streamlined pieces stand out with just the addition of color. I totally love the pink and know this will sell quickly. So even if you paint nothing but mid century I’ll be happy. Inspiration is not limited to a certain style, it is always welcomed in whatever form you’re bringing to the table. Thanks for the update on millennial pink!


    1. Thank you for saying this Laura! I’m relieved to know that my readers aren’t all rolling their eyes and thinking ‘ugh, not another mid-century piece.’ I do have a few coming up 😉


  3. Good call on the color, and the piece to use it on…..I’m loving the blush pink and gold combos I’m seeing much more of these days, and you nailed it! Our MCM modern pieces are selling well too….but personally, give me carved details and curvy legs, those are my favorite to re-do 😉


    1. I’m with you totally. And you’re in luck because I do have a piece with plenty of carved details and curvy legs waiting in the wings for its makeover. Ken has already done the repairs, so now I need to get busy with the rest!


  4. The dresser turned out lovely. It is the perfect pink! The MCM pieces that you have been doing are quite nice. You have a vision for all piece. It is a talent!


  5. MCM is not my thing but I love seeing the pieces you are doing and appreciate them. They just aren’t for me or my house. My daughter on the other hand loves them. And besides, I love your styling as well as your furniture pieces, so I’m good. 🙂


  6. So cute. Even though I don’t care for MCM in my home, I love every piece you have painted! I grew up with it. I think that is why I don’t have any. Lol


  7. Pizza eggs… omgosh! Sounds interesting but I don’t know if I’d be brave enough to try. Love your millennial pink MCM makeover and I feel uncool for admitting this, but I’m right with ya Linda… had no idea this was a ‘thing’. I brought home a few MCM pieces from one of my sister’s neighbors and am pondering what to do with them so I love seeing this makeover. I believe its good to spice things up and work on a variety of styles once in a while. Keeps the creativity flowing. 🙂


      1. Have no idea. I’ll speak for myself… I’m just probably just getting too old to follow these trends LOL 🙂


  8. MCM is fine. You do a great job of transforming and I especially love this pink dresser. I can see it working anywhere. Hope you don’t completely give up the Farmhouse, though!


  9. Who would think MCM could be adorable? But I can see in a nursery as well. I am really starting to dig it.
    My youngest son is into Frank Lloyd
    Wright style houses and these pieces are perfect for those. However I must confess I too have never heard of the millennial pink trend.
    Another reason to read your blog. Helps me pretend to be relevant. Lol!


  10. Loving the Millenium Pink! (Aka English Rose). I’m not a Hugh fan of the MCM style but love seeing the ideas people are coming up with to make it actually look gorgeous! It’s starting to grow on me! Also, love your staging!


  11. I love the pink. I am not initially drawn to the MCM either, but the more I do, the more I like them. I don’t know if they sell well down here, I never get to list them because my daughters nab them before I get the chance. 🙂 . BTW broke a record yesterday of 105 degrees and yes, the paint dries quick! J from AZ



  12. Hi …Oh I do think that pink dresser is adorable and I love the drawer pulls. I just had my bedroom and adjoining bath room that same beautiful pink. I had covered a padded headboard with a lovely bright pink,flowers and leaves in green and some white thrown in, with a white mattlesae coverlet. I would love to paint my dressers white but I just don’t want to think of it. Anyway you have done a beautiful job on the dresser regards to all. Betty from Ontario, Canada. Isn’t it nice to have spring weather.?


  13. Yes! So perfect!!!! I love the time tracker too!!!!! They have inspired me to share the Disney love and magic on my own blog
    That is so awesome! You did a great job on the dresser!


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