hanging it up.

I really debated using that title for this post.  I didn’t want to give any of you a scare, thinking that I was giving up blogging.  Nope, so far I am hanging in there (bwa, ha, ha, ha).

This post is about actual hangers.  Although maybe I could give the title a double meaning.  I’m hanging up the Wednesday travel posts, and instead I’m going to try to feature a small decorating project every Wednesday.  Something that can be pulled together in an afternoon.  We’ll see how long I can keep it up.

So, as I said, today’s post is about actual hangers.  Vintage wooden advertisement hangers that is.

I pick these up whenever I see them at garage sales.  Sometimes if you dig through a box of plain wooden hangers you’ll find one or two with advertising on them.  I usually pay less than a dollar each.

Oddly enough, I rarely find hangers from local shops.  So far I just have one, and it’s not one of my favorites.

I decided to use a few of the hangers in the simplest way possible in my master bedroom.

First I printed out some of my favorite travel photos (oh, maybe there is a hint of a travel theme to this Wednesday post after all).  The top two photos on the wall are from Prague, the bottom photo is from Vienna.

Several years ago I had Photoshop on my computer and I had some great plug in’s.  When my computer crashed in 2014 I lost them and never took the time to reinstall them.  Now I can’t even remember the name of the plug in!  Ugh.  But the two Prague photos were altered using that plug in.  The Vienna photo was altered using a Picmonkey effect called Filmstock.

Isn’t that a gorgeous building?

I printed the photos on matte photo paper (I use Target’s Up & Up brand).

  Then I gathered up some vintage metal clips (another thing I like to grab whenever I see them at garage sales) and simply clipped the photos to the hangers.

Easy peasy.

I hung them on the wall between my windows and my closet.  They fit perfectly there and it seems apropos to have ‘hanger art’ next to the closet.

I wondered whether or not the photo paper would curl a bit in humidity, but they’ve been up for close to a month now and we’ve had plenty of rainy weather and so far, so good.

Down the road I can easily change up the photos on a whim, or if they start to look less than fresh.

So the next time you see some old advertisement hangers, consider nabbing them and creating a gallery of ‘hanger art’ yourself!

30 thoughts on “hanging it up.

  1. Clever Idea. I like it. You always amaze me with your creativity. I live on an island and have some very old (early 1900’s) pictures of our place. This is a very clever way to display them. I can always rotate the pictures. Thanks for sharing.


    1. You’re welcome Monica. And how awesome, both that you live on an island and that you have 1900’s pictures of your place. I wish I had some old pics of our house!


  2. I have a box of these that I found while cleaning out my parent’s home. I was planning on painting and distressing them to use in my closet. Now I’ll save a few to use like this. Thank you for sharing. Brilliant!!!


  3. Such a cute idea! As I’ve always been told… it’s all in the details. These little touches are what sets a room to look complete! Can’t wait to see what you have for us next!


  4. I collect these old hangers. I use them to hang my vintage clothing on. I do not find them often, but in my neck of the woods they sell for $7.00 each and more depending on the advertising. I used to see them at auctions, but rarely see them anymore! Cute idea Linda! Love your hangers, great advertising!


    1. What a fun thing to collect! I think all of mine have come from garage sales, and usually they are just dumped in a pile with other wooden hangers. Lots of people don’t realize that they can be collectible or in demand. Of course, I go to a lot of sales, and have only found a handful of the hangers, so it’s not like they are a dime a dozen everywhere. But you never know when you might find one 😉


  5. We can always count on you to come up with a new use for an old object we might otherwise discard. Love this idea. Would be so cute for Christmas. I did a link to your last post on the large cabinet as that same day I had just picked up a cabinet and couldn’t decide whether to paint it or not. Will be watching to see if yours stays wood.


    1. I just checked out your post Sugar. Isn’t it funny how we were on the same wavelength with our cupboards! And what a great idea for the hangers, to use them at Christmas … maybe to display favorite cards. It might also be adorable to hang your stockings from some vintage hangers 🙂


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