short orders at all hours.


I tell you, there is nothing like an upcoming occasional sale to get me motivated to finish some pieces!

This is another one that has been cluttering up my workshop half finished for a good chunk of the summer.  I’ve mislead you with that first photo though, this is really just a little toy sized high chair.  I picked it up at the Linden Hills neighborhood sales back in May, you can see it sitting on top of the washstand in this photo …

linden hills 2016

I purposely bought it to showcase one of Fusion’s Tones for Tots colors, Little Teapot.

I painted one coat, and then it sat … and sat … and sat.  Finally last weekend I finished it up with a second coat of paint.

I can’t claim all of the credit on this one, my sister was over helping me get ready for my sale and she did the distressing.


She did a great job, didn’t she?

Once it was all painted up, I wanted to add a little something to back rest so I pulled out my rub-on’s.  I thought I had some that were more kid-friendly but I couldn’t find any, then I realized that this Gerald’s Cafe rub-on from 7 Gypsies was kind of perfect.

high-chair-close-upNow this sweet little high chair is the perfect spot for feeding Gerald the fuzzy elephant at all hours.


Pretty adorable.

12 thoughts on “short orders at all hours.

  1. I had to laugh when in your post you said that your “sister was over helping you with your sale.” For the life of me I cannot get anyone to “over-help” me. Counting down to a deadline always brings out the marinating creativity just waiting to be put to the test. Kudos on the Little Teapot high chair.

    La Verne@hopeandsalvage


    1. My sister ‘over-helped’ me on both Saturday and Sunday! She could easily have blown me off on Sunday, but no, she came back for more. I still pinch myself that she now lives nearby and can just pop over to hang out with me whenever she wants to.


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