a Parisian table.

a parisian table

Remember way back to last year when my friend Terri gave me a bunch of stuff from her deceased uncle’s house?  They were cast off items that no one in the family wanted.

This small table was among the pile and it needed a little bit of repair.  A couple of the corner supports were missing and one of the supports at the bottom was broken where it attaches to the table leg.  Luckily I have my secret weapon, Ken.

He made short work of replacing those corners and repairing that cross piece.

Paris table before

Ken made these repairs in short order, but then I let the table sit for ages.

I finally pulled it out last spring and painted it with two coats of Miss Mustard Seed milk paint in Flow Blue.  It started to chip like mad, and I felt like the red stain was bleeding through just a bit on the top.  So I shoved the table aside and worked on other projects because I didn’t feel like dealing with it.  I’m sure I’m not the only one who does this, right?

Flash forward another several months to a week or so ago.  I pulled this table out of the back of the workshop and realized maybe it wasn’t all that bad.  I sanded it vigorously to remove any chipping paint.

This photo shows a good example of what milk paint will look like on unfinished wood (the repaired corner piece) v. over previously finished wood.

paris table close up

Then I decided to add a stencil to the top.

paris table top

I feel like the small amount of stain bleed-thru was totally negated by the heavy chipping and the addition of the stencil.

I finished the table with some Miss Mustard Seed furniture wax.

You may have caught a glimpse of the finished table last week when I posted the cane back chair.

paris table with chair

It’s a sweet little side table that can be easily moved around to wherever it is needed.

It’s being added to the pile for my upcoming occasional sale!

For those of you who are local, the date has been officially chosen and is Saturday, October 8.  It’s only a month away, yikes!  Lucky I’m taking a stay-cation from the day job this week to get some stuff done.

12 thoughts on “a Parisian table.

  1. Beautiful little table! I was curious if you could maybe do a post on the differences between the different types of paint? Mineral based vs. chalk vs. milk? I’m wanting to start redoing some of my current furniture but not sure which type of paint would work best for my desired look. I thought it might be a helpful post for others as well…or if you’ve already done a post like that, can you point me to it? Thank you!


    1. I’ve never written a specific post on this subject. Sometimes I write about why I chose the type of paint I did for a particular piece, but that doesn’t really put all of the info in one precise blog post. I might just have to do that. You’ve inspired me Miranda! Stay tuned.


  2. That is a sweet little table and I think the brown stain showing through the blue is really a nice look. Do you have any ideas for locating quality stencils? Some of the stencils I have purchased locally have torn where the cut outs are close together.


    1. Actually, I think that is a fairly common problem with stencils especially if they have very fine detail. You have to handle them with kid gloves sometimes. I find most of my stencils on Etsy, and the majority of them are from Maison de Stencils (which are available on Etsy but also on their own website).


  3. Nice save – love the addition of the stencil. You do select the best stencils. Who needs Batman and Robin when the is Quandie and Ken the real dynamic duo.


  4. Hi Miss Q, it is a really cute table. I love the little tables like this that can be moved around from room to room. I wish I lived nearby so I could come to your sale!


  5. The table turned out wonderfully! Love the color…my Aunt and Uncle would also be loving what you’ve done to restore it! So nice to see something literally saved from the dumpster have a whole new, beautiful life for someone else. Well done.💚


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