a late summer walkabout.

To those of you in the U.S. and Canada, happy Labor Day!  To those of you in other countries, I’m curious, do you have a similar holiday?  Apparently the purpose of Labor Day is to celebrate the achievements of workers.  Well, count me in!  Not only do I have today off work at the day job, but I’ve taken the entire week off to work at home.  I’ve got that sale coming up and lots of projects to finish up before then!

We had a beautiful sunny morning yesterday and I was up early (a bonus to getting older) so I decided to take my camera on a late summer walkabout of my gardens.

late summer walkaboutThis is the time of year when my gardens start to look pretty darn unruly.  I have given up on trying to keep things under control.  After all, it’s all going to die in another month or so.

late summer house

That being said, everything has grown like gangbusters this year.  Especially that caladium in the middle of my window box.  I’ve never had caladium get quite that tall.

late summer caladium

The metal molding that I used on the front of the window box gets a little rustier every year (to see how it looked two years ago, check out this post).

late summer window box patina

I’ve managed to escape getting any hail damage this year, plus we had plenty of rain so I believe I only had to get the sprinkler out one time this summer.

late summer statue

The fairy garden is lush and full this year as well.

late summer fairy garden

late summer fairy garden 2

And I’ve already mentioned that my hydrangeas have all become monsters this season.

late summer photo cottage

Look at who I caught hiding out in the hydrangea by my photo cottage.

late summer frog

I must have some sort of colony of these tiny little green tree frogs in my gardens.  I mistakenly brought one in the house on some cut flowers earlier this summer.  He leaped from the flowers to my paper towel holder and completely freaked me out.  Luckily it was easy enough to catch him and take him back outside where he belonged.

This time of year I’m always torn between wishing summer would never end and being glad to be done with gardening chores.  How about you?  Looking forward to fall?  Or trying to eke out the last remaining drops of summer?

14 thoughts on “a late summer walkabout.

  1. Oh, your home and gardens look lovely! So fresh and lush and beautiful! I am glad that Hermine is passing to the east of us, but we do need some rain down here in Virginia. The lawn and horse pastures are brown and crunchy. Fall is my favorite season, so I welcome September! Just not so happy that it means winter will be here before long!


  2. Good Morning, Enjoying your Blog very much & also would like to know the date for the Fall Sale,2016? Thank you for responding,sko



  3. You have created a home nothing short of a dream cottage. I will undoubtedly have to make the journey across the country to see it in person one day. The description above of lush and lovely is so accurate.The little tree frog would have startled me as well but my husband loves to listen to them at night in the woods behind our house.


  4. Your house and gardens look great…as usual! Nice to have time off and be able to take some things off of your to-do list too.


  5. Your home is pretty & green & just beautiful!! I had that also for 30 years & loved taking care of it all when younger & in 2005, I sold my home & the new owners are still loving the home I once owned!! My responsibilities are less & my senior socializing are more!! God seems to know all my limitations & needs when necessary in my life!! God Bless You too!!


    1. I’m sure that at some point in the future I will enjoy less yard work and more socializing too. I’m just not sure I will be able to part with my house though. For me it will be a very difficult day if or when I move on. Hopefully that is far off down the road for now. I’m glad that it worked well for you Ann!


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