momma’s fridge.

The gals at Reclaiming Beautiful in Stillwater (one of the shops that carry my pieces) have started to sell a new paint line called Little Billy Goat.  When I popped in the other day I picked up a few colors to try it out, Greyson, Prize Winner and Momma’s Fridge.

little billy goat paint 3

I gotta say, the packaging on this stuff is fabulous.  It comes in a canning jar!  And each jar has a cloth over the top, how cool is that?little billy goat paint 1  From a practical point of view, I have to say that I really love the canning jars!  It’s very easy to wipe the rim and put the lid back on.  Somehow much easier than a traditional can like Annie Sloan uses, and definitely better than the plastic lidded can that Cece Caldwell uses.

Mr. Q and I picked up this sweet little dresser a couple of weeks ago and I knew it would be the perfect guinea pig for testing this paint.

momma's fridge before

See that funky octagon on the top drawer?  There was an odd little piece of trim glued on there.  I took it off before I remembered to take the ‘before’ photo.  I gotta tell you, it looked like a nipple.  There.  I had to say it.  A big ol’ nipple in the middle of the drawer.  Yeah, it had to go.

Aside from the nipple, this sweet little dresser basically had no flaws.  I love finding pieces like this!  No repairs necessary, it just needed a new paint job.

So I opened up a can of Momma’s Fridge and happily painted away.

momma's fridge title

Wait, let’s back up a step.  First I visited the website for Little Billy Goat.  They claim their paint “rarely requires any preparation, such as sanding or priming” so guess what?  I didn’t do any prep.  Well, I did wipe it down ever so quickly with a damp cloth.  That was it.  In addition, the website says “adding water makes for a smoother surface.”  OK.  I’m down with that, so I added some water to my paint to thin it out a bit.  I like a smoother surface.  You can use it ‘as is’ if you like a more textured surface.

I painted two coats of paint on the dresser.

momma's fridge angle 2

I then used white acrylic craft paint on the little details at either side of the top drawer to give them a little more pop.  I also added a small stencil to the middle of the top drawer.  I did that because I could still see a little ghost of that darn octagon nipple and the stencil helped to camouflage that.

Once everything was dry, I sanded lightly to distress and then finished with Miss Mustard Seed clear wax.  Little Billy Goat sells a clear matte sealer with their paint, but I have not tried that product.  I think I’d like to though.  I have to admit, waxing is hard work.  There has to be a better way.  I’ve always loved the end look of wax though, plus I definitely can use the arm workout.

momma's fridge close up

The hardware on this dresser is very pretty.  I love the pulls on the lower three drawers.

momma's fridge hardware

I staged this piece with some vintage toys, a tiny chair and a gorgeous handmade baby dress.  Just look at that stitching.  This dress must have taken quite some time to finish.

baby dress close up

Whereas this dresser did not!  The Little Billy Goat paint went on easily, covered well in two coats and distressed quickly.  I didn’t seem to have any problems due to not sanding my piece before painting.  So if you’re looking for an easy product to use to revamp your own furniture, this one fills the bill.

But if you’d rather purchase a dresser already painted for you, this one is available!

Please note, this is NOT a sponsored post.  I purchased this paint myself, all opinions are my own.

13 thoughts on “momma’s fridge.

  1. Lovely and so sweet. Fun name and packaging of Little Billy Goat paint too. I do love this color! I like the addition of the stencil and contrasting paint on those detailed areas nice touch. This says nursery, little girl’s room or even guest room possibly. And yes that dress is a testament to some mighty skilled fingers. It is also lovely. I do think if you ever tire of the day job a merchandising gig would suit you well. Your styling skills are magazine worthy


    1. Thanks Victoria! I’ll be honest, I would love a merchandising gig. If I could find one that would pay the bills as well as the current day job I’d be all over it 😉


  2. I went to their website and couldn’t find any prices?? Your talent is a treat every day, your pieces are always so pretty!!!


  3. Beautiful dresser and a beautiful colour. Love the toy truck and blue phone too.
    I really, really, really want an old toy truck. Really… 🙂


    1. Thanks Linda! I had really, really, really wanted an old toy truck too. I was looking for one that was aqua, and I found one at Shop 501 in Chaska, but it was over $100! Yikes! Then my friend Sue, who co-hosts my own occasional sale with me brought this one to our last sale. I believe the price was $18! I snatched it up as quickly as I could 😉


      1. Lucky you! Oh well, seeing the truck in one of your photos is pretty nice too although I am just a tiny, teensyweensy little bit jealous. Sounds awful, doesn’t it? Sorry… 😉
        For now I’m settling for a new toy truck that I painted, but one day…


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