a thing for plates.

It’s true.  I have a thing for plates.

plates title

I just love old china patterns, and new ones for that matter.  I’m sure that I’m not the only one.

Last Saturday morning my sister and I went to my absolutely favorite Zumba class (Cindy’s Saturday morning class at the Xperience Fitness in Vadnais Heights, in case any of you locals need an amazing Zumba class).  She did a Halloween themed class complete with Thriller, Monster Mash and The Time Warp.  So fun, and it left us totally sweaty and gross.  But that didn’t keep us from stopping off at the Goodwill on our way home!

By the way, Goodwill on Halloween morning?  Not the greatest of plans.  We barely got out of the parking lot alive.  Lots of last minute costume items were being purchased.

But … I did find plenty of plates!  Which was what I was looking for.

plates numbered

I was pretty excited to find another set of these numbered plates from Target.  I already have two sets of these, which means I can serve appetizers or dessert to 8 people.  So I sort of had to buy these.  At $1.99 each this was a no-brainer.  Now I can have 12 people over.  The more the merrier, right?

I also purchased a small stack of plain ironstone plates.

ironstone plate mark

Isn’t that little bee hive sweet?

I’ve been picking up stacks of ironstone plates when I see them to add to my Welsh cupboard.  That thing is huge, and I want to really fill it up.

plates in cupboard

I also found some china with gold patterns.  I plan to use them for Christmas decorating this year.  You’ll just have to stay tuned to find out what I do with them.

plates gold

plates gold 2

Finally, I will add some holiday words to some pretty vintage plates that I picked up.

plates grapevine

I’m thinking words like merry, peace, jolly … hmmm … got any other ideas for me?

plates silver pine

I’ll be making up a few of these for both Reclaiming Beautiful and Eye Candy ReFind.

All told, my stack of 26 plates cost just under $40.  Not bad, right?

12 thoughts on “a thing for plates.

  1. Excellent purchases! Love the #ed plates they are so fun. Apparently I need to shop goodwill more often.
    P.S. Loving the book 🙂


    1. Thrift stores are a great place to find china. There isn’t much of a market for it anymore and a lot of people are getting rid of it. I’m glad you like the book!


  2. Me too, me too. I love plates and goodwill is the place I go to find them! If ever in Dallas, the mother of all goodwills is downtown where they sort all the incoming treasures before distribution to the stores throughout the metro area. So it has stacks and stacks of dishes – all kinds of kinds. For the Christmas plates don’t forget ‘Believe’ if you get ones with santa and of course ‘joy’ and ‘wishes’. I can’t wait to see what you do with all your plates.


  3. And I thought I was the only one with this problem. My husband just ask me the other day where a plate came from, he said he’d never seen it before. He hadn’t. I’d been to one of my favorite antique stores and came home with a stack of vintage dessert plates. None of them matched and all were under two dollars each and they look great on my kitchen counter in an old wood tool box. They look even better with a piece of pie on them. Great finds, thanks for sharing.


  4. Plate & China addiction….you and me both sister! Haha, I hate Halloween. I’m convinced people that go in there, start wondering through “OuR” housewares aisles and buy up our good junk. Back to School is the other time of year. Haha


  5. I’ve got some of the pine cone ones if you need more. You probably don’t know this, but I smash ’em for mosaics. I have about 300 designs.


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