Fusion is coming out with a new line of paint colors!  The Matthew Mead Studio Metallics.  When they offered to send me some free samples to try out, how could I resist?

metal paints

When they came in the mail I was sort of drooling over them, but I wasn’t prepared yet.  I have a great plan in mind for the Copper color, but haven’t got everything I need for that project yet.  But I really wanted to try the paint on something!

So I went out into the Carriage House to see what I could find that needed painting and I came across this clock.

Who else remembers the heyday of sponge painting?  Gack!  What were we thinking?

clock before

Of course, when it was done well it looked better than this clock.  I like to think that when I sponge painted, it didn’t look this hideous.  But I could just be kidding myself, seeing the past through rose colored glasses and all of that.

Well, anyway, my friend Cathy brought this clock to the last Carriage House sale with a price tag of $10 on it.  I’m not sure what she was thinking (she’s a regular reader of my blog, so I’m sure she’s going to give me crap for saying this out loud).  I think we all can see why it didn’t sell though.  It’s pretty much butt ugly.  When it didn’t sell (surprise, surprise) she left it behind.  Well, anything left behind is fair game.  So when I saw it hanging out there a little light bulb went off.  This was the perfect candidate for some metallurgy.

So I sanded the clock lightly and wiped it clean with a damp rag.  Then I painted on two coats of Brushed Steel.  I didn’t tape off the glass, and I got paint all over it.  Once dry, I just cleaned that up using a razor blade.  I’ve found that this is really easy to do with the Fusion paint (assuming you do it right away).  I also sanded the clock once dry. I wanted a distressed metal finish.

And here it is.

clock after

Ahhh, so much better, right?

Even up close and personal, it really does look like brushed steel.

clock close up

You can see that the sanding I did gives it a more distressed look, but you wouldn’t have to distress it.

clock after 2

I love how easy it was to give this clock an updated look.  Got anything hideous laying around at your house that could use a makeover?

Farmhouse Inspired in Hudson is going to be getting in a shipment of the new Fusion metallics any day now.  They come in a 8.45 fl oz jar and will be priced at $22.95.  The Brushed Steel that I used on the clock isn’t available quite yet, but they will have bronze, copper, pale gold, pearl and silver.

And hey, if you are local and you really love the clock, it’s available at Eye Candy ReFind for $28.  Never mind, it sold in a flash!

23 thoughts on “metallurgy.

  1. Hi Linda!

    I read your blog everyday that it comes out;) Wondering if your having a Fall Carriage House Sale? Hope all is well. Say hi to Mr. Q:)

    Many Bleasings,
    Nikkii Minke


  2. Linda, my first foray into Fusion was not totally satisfactory. But I like the look of those metallics. I have never used a metallic paint before – I have hand-mixed a lot of metallic waxes. I think paint would be easier if someone wanted a nightstand or something larger.

    My last house in Mpls. had sponge painted walls when I moved in. Red and green. Yep, really.


  3. Wonderful transformation! Personally love the addition of metallics. Unless they are pearlized they seem to be a more masculine finish to me. Is that weird? I gravitate to more tailored design so that works for me and I love of mix of elements. But I do have to second the “sponge painting what were we thinking?” comment. Although I never attempted that technique or ask my husband too, when he works a show home or a tour or homes, he gets told quite often “I used do faux finishes too” and sponge painting is always the finish that comes up. Lol!


    1. I definitely jumped on the faux finishing bandwagon back in the day. I had one of those funny split rollers that came with a split paint tray. You put one color in each side, and the rollers were textured to create a sort of splotchy finish. I did my living room in pink and white. Before you gasp in horror, I will defend my choice by saying it was a very pale, warm pink (not a cotton candy pink) and using the roller allowed you to blend the colors quite a bit. I actually really loved that look at the time, and it was much more subtle than the sponge paint on this clock!


      1. I have no doubt whatever you do will be in good taste Q. So do you think the some of the metallics lean toward a masculine vibe? I do make an exception for the pearlessence ones and the gold and silver.


      2. I definitely agree that the Brushed Steel and the Bronze metallics have a more masculine (and/or industrial) vibe to them, while the silver and gold are more pretty a.k.a. feminine. I’m going to blog more about it later in the week (I hope), but we toured a beautiful old mansion in Duluth over the weekend (Glensheen) and they had several rooms with silver light fixtures that were quite gorgeous. Of course, they were actual silver, not just painted to look that way.


  4. Love Matthew Mead and looovvee the new colors. I can see lots of potential there. Industrial is very on trend 😉 The clock is 100% better 😉 We bought a duplex years ago where one of the renters had sponge painted every single thing, including kitchen cabinets. In a rainbow of colors. It looked like mold on the walls. Some trends don’t stand the test of time, thank goodness!


    1. I could definitely use some more ideas for what to use this paint on Meggan, so if you have any good ones, be sure to pass them on! Egads – sponge painted kitchen cupboards! What a mess!


  5. Outstanding! My local shop got these in last week and they are really beautiful. They have such a great finish and rich colors. The shop owner painted select areas of a spindle back chair with it and also highlighted some small accent mirrors with it. Lots of possibilities!


    1. I agree, lots of possibilities for these metallics. And I found it very easy to use as well. You are sure to see a few more projects done with this paint soon!


  6. These paints look amazing and you really transformed the clock. I’m surprised your friend Cathy didn’t want it back! Yes, I too had some sponge painted walls. I remember my daughter was about 8 years old at the time and I had just gotten started in the corner of the room and she looked at very seriously and said, “mom, maybe you should wait til dad gets home.” She was a smart 8 year old. Anyway it was just paint.


  7. Love this! I just got some Matthew Mead Metallics in stock and am looking for more ways to use it. Thanks for the inspiration!


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