dropping leaves.

drop leaf title

Remember the vintage drop leaf table I purchased last week?

farm table 1 before

 I sent it over to Ken’s workshop to be shored up, but Ken also kindly removed the drop leaf sides for me.  I think these tables are so much more versatile without them.

 So what do I do with the leaves?  Well, remember my secret decorating trick from earlier in the week?  When all else fails, hang it on the wall!

drop leaf green

I decided this was a good time to use up some of my mostly used bags of milk paint.  So I began by painting the first leaf in a combo of Luckett’s Green with a little Kitchen Scale thrown in.

green drop leaf 2

 I added a Farmer’s Market stencil that came from Donna at Funky Junk, and I just used a white craft paint for that.

The second leaf got a base coat of Kitchen Scale, followed by a second coat of Shutter Grey.  And for those of you not familiar with Miss Mustard Seed milk paint, yes, the Shutter Grey really does look more like a cross between pale blue and grey.

blue leaf close up

You can just use the hinges that originally held the leaves in place to hang them on the wall.

blue drop leaf sign

So there you have it, some drop leaf signage.  These are both for sale for $28 each at Eye Candy ReFind if anyone local is interested.

Meanwhile, the table itself is almost done.  Stay tuned to see how it turned out!

13 thoughts on “dropping leaves.

  1. I have seen small drop-leaf tables at used furniture outlets so I eagerly await this table’s transformation. Very clever to get a “3-in-1” project out of this purchase! The success in repurposing is the ability to reimagine the item, and you have done this beautifully with these signs. Will need to take another look at Donna’s stencils. PS…Did you know yesterday was World Fluffer-Nutter Day? Heard it on the radio!


    1. Dang! I missed Fluffer-Nutter Day! Shoot. I always still think of my sweet little Sheltie whenever I say Fluffer-Nutter, we lost her a few years back. You can read about her in this post and seeing the pics, you’ll see why we called her that She was peanut butter & marshmallow colored, with a little black thrown in.


    1. I am off for an adventure, but I will get back to you on Sunday with the details on the table. It turned out really lovely and Ken basically rebuilt it, so it is very sturdy now. I think you will love it 😊


    1. FYI Robin, the green one is at the Hastings location and the Shutter Grey is at the Afton location. Both shops are super easy to find and would make a great outing this weekend 😉


  2. How sweet each piece is those legs on that table are wonderful and original casters. Why would you want to purchase a new furniture when there are choices like this?
    And I have not even seen the reveal on the table – I do love the green you used on that leaf though. Somehow I missed the post on your sheltie- what a special dream.
    My husband dreams of Chloe from time to time as well. I hope you have the top down on your adventure.


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