rêves doux.

The other morning after my hubby left for his yoga class (at 5:30 a.m., yes I believe he is crazy), I fell back asleep.  When my alarm went off, I got up and went downstairs and there was my sweet little dog Sasha waiting by the door to be let outside.  Just like usual.


I went to let her out, and then thought “hey … wait a minute … this isn’t right …”   but I decided that since she was there, I shouldn’t question it.  Instead I should take advantage and give her lots of hugs and kisses.  So, I called her to me and buried my face in her soft fluffy fur and gave her lots of love.  I kept thinking she’d disappear, but she just stayed right there and I kept on petting her.

Then, Mike pulled into the driveway and I let Sasha out the door so she could run up to his truck and greet him like she always did.

I followed her out to say “Look!  It’s Sasha!  Isn’t this great!” … and that’s when I really woke up.

Sasha 2

It was bitterly cold a year ago today when we lost Sasha.  She was 16 years old, and she’d had a good, long life.  I still miss our little fluffer-nutter and expect to see her waiting for me by the door, so it was especially sweet of her to visit me in my dreams.

10 thoughts on “rêves doux.

  1. Linda– you need to warn those of us who are wearing mascara before we read! Thinking of you and Mike today– Sasha was such as sweet girl, hope she is able to chase lots of squirrels and get lots of cuddle time with all the angels! ❤


  2. I lost my Sheltie, Savannah, a month ago. She was outside running around with my brother-in-law’s Lab while he mixed up their dinner and put int in their bowls. When he opened the door to call them, only the Lab came in. He went outside and Savannah was 15 feet from the back door. She was still warm. She was almost 6 years old. We don’t know why she died. When I first saw the picture of Sasha, my heart dropped. Seeing a picture of a Sheltie still hurts so I can understand your loss. These wildly funny, joyful little dogs are such a blessing and then a sorrow to be borne when they leave us. I hope I dream of Savannah some night. Thank you for the sweet post.


    1. Oh my gosh Ginene! Isn’t it something that we also have this in common. I’m so sorry for your loss. I know how hard it was for us, but that was mitigated by the fact that Sasha had lived such a long life and she had gotten so frail and tired at the end. We knew her time was up, but that she’d had a full and happy life. I can’t imagine your sorrow at losing Savannah so unexpectedly. I am sure that we both will always have a special little place in our hearts for our sweet little Shelties.


      1. We sure will have a special place in our hearts for our girls. Good dreams can be comforting and I guess I’ve had my share of good ones. Thank you for liking my story. I look forward to your posts, they always amaze me.


  3. I understand. I have a lump in my throat. I have two furry little people buried on a ridge at a friends acreage. I miss them every day, and their pictures are in my home office.

    My father, a fervent animal lover, often had a dream where he had passed away. Standing alone in the darkness, he was greeted with a wet nose, followed by another, followed by another. That is when his animal friends that went before him lifed him up and carried him into the light.


  4. Lindsey and I were thinking of you and Mike yesterday and talking about what a wonderful dog Sasha was and how much we miss her too. Love you both.


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