Neiman Marcus knock off no. 2

You all were very kind in leaving positive comments about my first Nieman Marcus knock off nightstand.  Thank you for those!

But I knew I could do better!  So last weekend while garage saling in Lake of the Isles, I picked up another candidate for the Nieman Marcus look!

NM 2 before

This one has more delicate features and it has some great details that I knew would be lovely highlighted in gold.  Someone had done a rather awful ‘make-over’ on it in the past.  It had a coat of drippy, shiny, poorly applied poly on it.  In fact, it looked as though they hadn’t even bothered to remove the drawer pulls, but just poly’ed right over them!

This time I did use MMS milk paint in Trophy!

NM 2 corner

And this time I added gold to all of the details, the braided trim around the top edge, the carved bits on the sides and bottom of the front and even the drawer pulls.

nightstand details

I staged it simply with an alarm clock and some lovely vintage jewelry in a gold rimmed bowl.

NM 2 staging

nightstand jewelry

I am much happier with this version of my Neiman Marcus knock off nightstand!

knock off nightstand no 2

Which is your favorite?

nightstand collage 2

Linking up with the Making Broken Beautiful party at The Curator’s Collection.

45 thoughts on “Neiman Marcus knock off no. 2

  1. Knock-off #2 takes the Trophy! Love the light, minimalist, delicate lines, and Trophy is my favorite MMS paint color. I can’t quite tell, but when you re-do an awful previous make-over, do you try to sand down the drips or just make them part of the new finish? Your staging always lends a nice personality dimension to the featured piece.


  2. Wunderful, wunderful, wunderful ladies and gentleman! Lawrence and I concur
    it’s time to crank up the bubble machine. Oops fell in a time warp. Love the lines of this piece there is something about this era and color is perfect!


      1. It says you might have been lucky enough to polka with your daddy like I did?
        Seriously Linda this is a beautiful piece very classic.


  3. As usual your painting skills are extraordinary! I love #2 the best because of the simpler lines and the applied wood carvings and more gold is always better! It makes all the details shine. I love that the paint is gray with the blue undertones. Think I’ll pick that color me ownself. Great job.


  4. Well I thought the first one looked fabulous but then I saw No. 2 and that one is stunning. You have talent and vision. Love it!


  5. Oh, my! Might just be my favorite piece that you’ve done. That Trophy is such a beautiful color. Exquisite use of the gilding wax.


  6. In all fairness, you did a nice job on both. They just have very different lines. Although some miraculous things can be done with a neglected/abused piece, it does help if it has good bones and classic lines to pull off “the look.” I do love the color on the second one. In the photos it looks like there is a subtle variation between gray/blue and gray/green going on. It gives the finish almost a linen look. Love it!


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