thank you.

A big thanks to everyone who came out to the sale!

thank you

After the dire forecast of heavy rain and flooding, we really only had a mild drizzle for most of the day on Thursday.  Normally I love a drizzly day.  They are perfect for sleeping in, or watching old movies.  They aren’t so great for setting up an occasional sale in your driveway though.  But, it was so much better than it could have been, and by the time of the sale it was only slightly drippy and it didn’t keep the shoppers away!  Friday dawned bright and sunny and was beautiful all day, we couldn’t have had a more fabulous day for day 2.

All of my plates with Cricut messages sold like hotcakes!

grow plate

As did the vintage kitchen ware turned planters.

cricut flour sifter

The furniture did not sell like hotcakes.  I didn’t sell a single large piece.  If anyone local is interested in any of the following pieces, let me know.

The wine bar – $275

wine quote

The perfectly sweet armoire.

perfectly sweet armoire painted in MMS milk paint.

The garden bed.

Bed painted with Annie Sloan Duck Egg

The Bohemian desk .

Desk painted in MMS Flow Blue.

The Union Jack desk.

vintage desk painted with Union Jack

Sue’s settee – $195

sue's settee 2

The cottage striped dresser.

cottage stripes title

We still have the two  one darling play size cupboards too!  (update:  the white one is sold)

2015 sale photos

We have some smaller stuff left as well, so if there was something you had your eye on, but you weren’t able to make it to the sale, just drop me an email at and we’ll work something out (local only please, I’m not a fan of shipping).

Despite the lack of furniture sales, it was still a really awesome event!  Thanks again to everyone who came out.

photo cottage

I’m off to enjoy my weekend of rest!

12 thoughts on “thank you.

  1. Well my first Carriage House sale is under my belt. It was a lot of work but fun. Nice to see all the people who came out. I got to put a few faces to names I’ve heard mentioned. What a big crowd to start the sale. Can’t wait for the next one.


  2. Have you on my one day list (this season just does not work for me)- maybe the fall sale? I follow very few blogs, your’s is one and I thought your within reasonable driving distance to meet the source of my admiration!? When I googled I did not get a hit for the address in Michigan?? Gosh I am sadly mistaken! 😦 **sigh** You are such an inspiration! Maybe a sunny day would have brought in the buyers for the furniture!!


    1. You might be right Carrie, as chief furniture getter for Quandie, I can tell you that I don’t care to transport furniture in the rain!


  3. Yep I knew those cutie potootie plates were going to fly out of there. I bet you could take orders for those. I am surprised- no shocked that none the furniture sold. I just knew that striped dresser would blow out the door. I wouldn’t be surprised if you got some interest in the coming weeks. And I suspect you are grillin and chillin tonight though. Was it red or white? Alas my memory ain’t what it used to be.


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