carriage house preview.

I often struggle for words when someone asks me to describe my sale.  If they give me a blank look when I say “occasional sale” then I try to explain what that means.  Obviously, it’s a sale that is held only occasionally (or in our case, only twice a year).

vintage sale

But how do I describe my sale specifically?  Well, of course, it takes place in my Carriage House.

the carriage house

It’s not fancied up like a shop or anything.  99.9% of the year it is just my workshop and where I park my car.  Every year I tell myself that I should paint the walls inside, but I never actually do.  I try to vacuum up the cobwebs and wash the windows, but that’s about it.  Honestly, everyone is in and out so fast that it hardly seems worthwhile to paint those walls when I could be painting furniture.

Enough about the location, what about the stuff?

Of course, we have some painted furniture.  That’s a given, right?

Desk painted in MMS Flow Blue.

cottage stripes title

We also have some straight-up vintage.  These yellow suitcases are only $6 each.

vintage yellow luggage

The clocks are $8.


We group our vintage wares by color, just because it looks so pretty that way.  If there is a particular color group that you are drawn to, remember this … green, yellow, blue, red, aqua is all on the left side of the Carriage House (as you’re facing it) …

vintage green

vintage red

Black, white, silver and earth tones are on the right side.  The black and white scale is $18, isn’t it fab?  I love the black and white combo.  No promises on this one guys, I may not be able to resist its siren’s call.

vintage black and white

In some ways the sale is simply a curated collection of really fab vintage finds.  You don’t have to scour every Minneapolis neighborhood garage sale to find them yourself, we have them all right here.

vintage train case 2

vintage train case 1

And then we have some upcycled vintage, the Adventurer suitcase is $38.

oh darling angled

How about some pretty vintage linens turned into throw pillows for $12 each?

pillows in a basket

We still have stacks of both white and floral vintage platters.  Consider buying a white one and adding your house number to it with a Cricut (or just number decals from Home Depot) like I did with mine.

house number plate

At our June sale we also like to have lots of garden stuff including perennials.  For a reminder, Sue’s yard looks like this.

Sue's brick path collage

So as you can imagine, she has plenty of lovely perennials to divide.  I’ve potted up a couple myself too.  She’s also brought over some great vintage garden tools and other garden ornaments.

Or how about some painted pots to fill with annuals?

painted pots

A chalkboard bucket for $8 to plant your herbs in.

herb bucket

Some lavender.


After I put together the vintage hose reel “sign” in my first picture, I almost decided I should keep it as future sale signage.

vintage sale

If it doesn’t sell, I might do just that.  But it will have a price tag on it.  It would be fantastic for a grad party, birthday party or garden wedding.  Or just put it in the garden with a happy message on it.  Jeesh, now I’m talking myself into keeping it again!

Nearly everything you’ve seen in these pictures is available at the sale.  I have to say ‘nearly’ because some of the staging items used in the furniture pics are not for sale. And of course my house number platter is not for sale, but you can create your own with one of our many platters.  Everything else will be there though, and I hope you will be there too!

As a reminder, the Carriage House sale takes place tomorrow evening and Friday during the day.

It looks like we are going to have rain, but I have several tents to keep things fairly dry.  And a little rain never hurt anybody, right?  Let’s all embrace our inner pluviophile.


Once it’s over, I plan to take a much needed break to dry out.  It will involve sleeping in, taking naps, reading a book, or perhaps just drinking a cocktail on the deck.  That should last about a day probably, but don’t panic if I don’t have any new posts for a bit.  Truly, I need a break.  But I’ll be back soon with some fun projects I have been saving up so I could devote some time to them.  Stay tuned!

21 thoughts on “carriage house preview.

    1. Thanks Barb! I hope you’re right. The forecast has gone steadily downhill all week and now it says 100% chance of rain, heavy at times. Yikes! But, we carry on rain or shine. We’ll just get wet.


  1. Just play a whole bunch of rain songs Its Raining Men or Singing in the Rain, Aint No Sunshine when your Gone, Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head….like you need another thing to add to your to do list! 😉😉
    It all looks so fab!!! Whats a little rain anyway…


    1. That clock was in my own collection for a while, but I have switched it up for a square bakelite clock, so this one is on the chopping block! I wish it could be yours!


  2. It all looks so lovely!! How I wish I could go to your sale, to see everything but to meet you as well!! But, alas, Nova Scotia is too far to commute from for it. Enjoy your sale and then soak up your much needed break!!


    1. Yeah, who knew it had a name! I am one too! I love a good rainy summer day, especially when I can sit on my covered porch with a good book and just enjoy the sound of the rain. I don’t love it quite as much when I am trying to host an occasional sale that usually spreads out into my driveway!


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