on a break.

Phew!  I really needed a break from ‘creating’ after my sale.  I took a week off and am back refreshed!

It would be a little misleading to imply that I sat around and drank cocktails on the deck the whole time.  Over the last week I put my workshop back together, revamped my front garden, and followed up on some exciting new prospects for the Q.

I did find time for some other fun stuff too though.  My sister and I took a trip down to Afton to check out a couple of darling local vintage shops, Eye Candy REfind and 3:17 Vintage.  If you are local and haven’t been down there, get on it!  And in addition to the vintage shops, you can also check out Squire House Gardens.  I absolutely love that place!

squire house 2

We visited on a rainy day, but I find a particular beauty in a rainy garden, don’t you?  Especially when it means you have it mainly to yourself.

They have some unique plants for sale, and some really great garden ornaments.  I came away with Frankie the Frog.  I’m not normally a ‘frog’ girl, but this guy is a charmer, am I right?  I’ve nestled him among the sedum.


And while in Afton, be sure to get some ice cream at Selma’s.  Debbie and I shared a root bear float.  We both have fond memories of the root beer floats that our grandfather used to make for us when we were kids.

We also had tickets to the Minnesota Orchestra last weekend.  I had bid on them at a silent auction for my favorite charity, Wingspan Life Resources.


I won the tickets, and so Debbie, Mr. Q and I went to one of their “Inside the Classics” concerts.  If you haven’t been to see an orchestra lately (OK, well, or never) things have changed!  Their concerts are much more informal.  We found it very entertaining.  I also found out that Pink Martini will be performing at Orchestra Hall next year, so I’m definitely getting tickets for that.

pink martini

Any other Pink Martini fans out there?

Well, enough of all of that!  The break is over.  Here’s what’s coming up on q is for quandie.

I’m entering a couple of new partnerships!  I’ll be selling some pieces at Reclaiming Beautiful in Stillwater.  If you haven’t stopped in there yet, be sure to check them out.  I headed down there last night with a few pieces of furniture and a pile of “grow.” plates.

grow plate

I’m also going to be working with Lacy Vreeland of Eye Candy REfind on some upcoming events.  She’s asked me to be a ‘featured artist’ at the grand opening of her Hastings store!  How cool is that?  That will be coming up later this summer and I’ll be sure to share all of the details with you as it gets closer.

I’m also working with Ashley of Dinosaur Stew on developing a new logo for q is for quandie!  I decided to splurge on this as a treat to myself.  We are in the early stages, but I’m really excited to see what she comes up with.

Even with all of that going on, I’ve been finding some fun pieces to work on.  We drove into the wilds of Wisconsin (well, Somerset anyway) to pick up this piece …empire before

And Mr. Q picked this one up a few weeks back, and it turned out that the seller was a fan of the blog!  Now the pressure is really on to do something fantastic with it.

car handles before

I’m developing a love/hate relationship with those drawer pulls.  Don’t they remind you of an old car door handle?  Do I love them?  Do I hate them?  I’m not sure, but I have to say they are kind of growing on me.  I have a plan percolating for this dresser that will play up those funky handles.  Maybe.

And I hope to get to work on the settee soon.

settee before

Plus Debbie and I will be heading to the Minneapolis neighborhood that our parents grew up in, Nokomis, for some sales tomorrow.  Wish me luck hunting for more fabulous finds!

13 thoughts on “on a break.

  1. I too am a Pink Martini fan and am excited to hear they will be in town – thanks for sharing that info!
    I really like those drawer handles and they DO remind me of old car door handles – I re-did an old dresser into a media stand with a “car theme” and used old car door handles very much like those as drawer pulls…
    Congrats on the new ventures, you are sure to be a hit in those shops.


    1. Pink Martini will be at Orchestra Hall on Friday, 4/29/16 and Saturday 4/30/16, FYI. I’m glad there is another fan in the room! How cool that you purposely used old car door handles on a dresser, I bet it was fab!


  2. Sounds like you have been having a well deserved mini vacation. And it is so nice you have your sister to treasure hunt with. Never heard if the Pink Martini have to look them up on YouTube. Love the handles. Could they possibly be original? Of course the chest with curvy lines tugs at my heart. Any idea what decade that style was made? And do you have any idea if it has a name to it? You know like some pieces are Queen Ann or Biedermeier or Empire/Regency?


    1. I’m fairly sure those ‘car door style’ pulls are original. They look to be the same age as the rest of the piece. I would classify the other piece as ‘Empire Oak’. It’s not a classic mahogany empire piece, but is sort of a more simplified empire style. From what I was able to find online these Empire Oak pieces were produced in the early 1900’s. It’s the same style as my oak buffet (pictured in my header photo), and the ‘friends and family buffet’.


      1. Thanks for the info on the chest Empire oak got it. I love the curviness of the legs on these pieces. Have a great weekend. You know we are frying down here and I don’t mean chicken.


      2. LOL … you crack me up Victoria! I did not know you were frying down there! We are having a relatively cool summer so far. My sister is loving it, being used to warmer, more humid New Jersey summers.


  3. I vote to keep the handles. I think they add a quirkiness to the piece that makes it unique. I would love to see that settee in a fabric other than the canvas or feedsack. Maybe a denim in a faded blue or a duck material in an unusual color. Even a ticking could be interesting. Looking forward to seeing what you do with all of these.


  4. Be sure to post dates for the grand opening! Personally, i love the old handles…would be great to use them if you can. And i am wondering where your next “real” vacation will take you? “Staycations” are always nice, but your vacations are fun for me to watch them come alive with your scrapbooking skills.


      1. Hun, you should make a list of some of those Belgian antique style stores and folks from that European magazine you bought at Schipol. That might add some structure and purpose to our ramblings.


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