all good things come to an end.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but for those of you who are local and haven’t already heard, Round Barn Potting Co. in Andover will be closing its doors at the end of June.  As they say, all good things come to an end.  As you may know, I have sold furniture (as well as other small things) there on consignment for several years.  I also taught a couple of Miss Mustard Seed milk paint workshops up there.  Lori (Round Barn’s owner) and I also partnered a booth at Junk Bonanza last year, and we attended Miss Mustard Seed retailer training together in Madison.

Round Barn Potting Co. has always been one of my favorite places to shop.  She has such a unique selection of both vintage and new merchandise.  And of course, I’ve been buying my milk paint there since she started to carry it.  It will be a sad day when Lori closes her doors for good.

Lori will be having 4 sales in June to sell off the entire contents of the shop.  On June 4th she’ll begin with 50% off everything in the place!

green books and wallpaper

Since everything in the store will be drastically reduced in the coming month, I needed to bring the last two pieces of furniture that I had up there home again.  The first piece is this striped dresser that I painted before I even started this blog.

cottage stripes title

This piece has such cottage style.  I can also easily see it in a cozy farmhouse bedroom under the eaves.

cottage stripes close up

I painted this with homemade chalk paint back in the days before I had tried the real thing, and long before I tried milk paint.  I replaced the hardware with some pretty green glass knobs.

cottage stripes close up

The second piece I brought home is this mirrored dresser with wallpapered drawer fronts.

vintage wallpaper dresser full

I did this one last fall.  It’s painted with MMS milk paint in Eulalie’s Sky.  I have to say that the wallpaper has held up remarkably well.

vintage wallpaper title

These pieces are still for sale, and if they don’t sell sooner, they will find a place at my Carriage House sale.

But meanwhile, I hope that if you are local you can find the time to head up to Andover to get in one last visit to the Round Barn before it closes.  They will be open every Thursday thru Saturday in June from 10 am to 5 pm.  Stop up and say farewell.  And maybe stock up on Miss Mustard Seed products while they last!

8 thoughts on “all good things come to an end.

  1. Both of these pieces are beyond fab. They ooze cottage charm. I just love them alas here I sit 1100 miles away. I know you will miss the Round Barn. I have always thought it sounded like the perfect venue for what Lori was showcasing.


  2. Oh, so sad to learn they are closing! I have shopped there for YEARS!
    Love that striped dresser – such charm in the lines.


  3. Antique shops are closing everywhere around where I live. If I didn’t live in my building, I would be closed, also. Asking prices are 1/4 of what they were when I opened my shop in 2002 and people come in and say they can’t believe how low the prices are. I stock all of the same things that people are showing in magazines and on-line, but no buyers. I keep up with all the trends. It is discouraging. I see people on Craigslist and Facebook selling their painted furniture and, generally, they are not really too good at it. They cannot do what you do, Linda. You are able to capture time in art. That is the way I view your painting talent and technique. There is no one else I’ve ever seen, on-line or in shops, who can do what you do.


      1. I so agree with Ginene. Most of the Craigslist listings I come across are pitiful attempts and are sorely lacking the skill and creative expertise of your pieces. Your transformations seem to have a soul and they speak to me. I immediately start thinking this piece would be perfect in a nursery or I would put that in a little girl’s room. Youve either got or you don’t. You’ve got it in spades.


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