thrifty lunch.

I spent my lunch hour checking out the local thrift shops again a while back,  and I hit the vintage camera jackpot.

thrift store cameras

Crazy, right?  I found four of them!  Which is funny, because I just said that I needed some more to fill in my black cabinet on the porch.

front porch hutch display

I knew that if I kept my eyes peeled I would find some!  I didn’t expect it to be this quickly, or to find 4 at once.

thrift store camera 1

I tucked all of them into my cabinet.

thrift store camera cabinet

I just need a few more to fill in.

thrift store camera 2

And in addition to the cameras, I also picked up this awesome pair of vintage glasses.

thrift store glasses

I’ve often thought it would be fun to have some vintage eyeglasses for staging furniture photos.  Especially desks or nightstands.  So I splurged and purchased these for $10.

I just love a thrifty lunch, don’t you?

2 thoughts on “thrifty lunch.

    1. I’m sure my chin hit the floor when I saw all of those cameras in one place. Especially when I had just decided I needed to find a few more. It must have been fate 😉


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