going green.

I mentioned that I bought a little matching table at the same estate sale as the Lily Pond dresser.  I’m not a fan of using ‘matching’ furniture pieces, so often when I buy pieces that came from a ‘set’, I split them up.

green before

I’m still going green, but this time with Miss Mustard Seed instead of Fusion.

green books

There are lots of shades of green out there.  Avocado, mint, grass, pea, pear, forest, moss, the lily pond I used on the dresser …

I have to say, some times with the MMS milk paint greens, I feel like there are a lot of shades in the same bag of paint!  One of the quirks of milk paint is that you can never be entirely sure precisely what shade you will get.  You really need to be OK with that if you’re going to use it.  I knew that going in when I decided to paint my little estate sale table in Boxwood.

I’ve used Boxwood before, and loved it.  But this time it just wasn’t working for me.


Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it’s bad.  It’s just not quite what I was going for.  I got some great chipping, which I loved, but the color just felt a little flat to me.  A little too 80’s country maybe?  Maybe the problem was the orange finish showing through the chips.  I don’t know, but something about it wasn’t speaking my language.

So I came home from work one night and decided to add a layer of Luckett’s green over the Boxwood.

green chippy 2

Ahhhh, so much better.  I love the little peeks of Boxwood showing through.

green chippy close up

I tucked some toile scrapbook paper inside the drawer.

green drawer interior

Is it possible to not love this color? or the chippyness of milk paint?

green table in Lucketts

Or maybe it’s just simply the layering of colors that appeals to me so much.

chippy green table

It works great next to a chippy chair.  Wouldn’t this be a great combo in your potting shed?  Or maybe on a covered porch?

And on a more personal note, today is my sister’s birthday.  Happy Birthday Deb!


Are you digging that mid-century bookcase?  Debbie was this size when mid-century was just called ‘new’.

Last night my mom flew from Las Vegas to New Jersey to help her celebrate, and then to keep her company on the drive to Minnesota.  They will be hitting the road bright and early tomorrow morning, and my sister will be an official Minnesotan by Sunday!  Woo hoo!  How lucky am I?

18 thoughts on “going green.

  1. Adding that second color really transformed that piece. I had to go back and look at all the pictures a second time. I always wonder about layering colors and this is perfect. Enjoy your time with your sister too.


  2. I was pretty much digging your first rendition of this piece cause I love the color green. However I have to admit the addition of the next coat upped its charm factor.
    I know you are thrilled to be having your sister and niece moving there. I predict tons of fun ensuing this summer. And perhaps more helping hands at the carriage sale?


    1. You know, I was thinking I’d have lots of extra help at the sale now too, but as it turns out my sister will be at work during the hours of the sale, and my niece won’t be here until July. So I am out of luck on that count. Maybe they’ll be able to help at my fall sale!


  3. I am inspired by this little table! I must layer two colors this weekend!! So happy about your sister being closer. Fun times ahead for you!


    1. I am working on a dresser with layered colors right now too, and I realized as I was painting it that it really isn’t much extra work. You’re going to do two coats of paint anyway (most likely with milk paint), so doing them two different colors is easy enough. The layering just adds that little extra bit of interest. So go for it! Let me know how it works out for you.


  4. I actually liked the first green too better. But it does look nice layered also. Will be there in just 2 days now. Love the birthday picture!


  5. The layered green is perfect!! And I’m so happy for you that your sister is moving closer to you!! My sister is my neighbour and I love it! (So is my brother and my parents….we’re pretty close-knit!! 😉 )


    1. You are so lucky! My sis and I are close knit as well, but in case you can’t tell already by her frequent comments, we have very different style preferences 😉


  6. Linda, This is beautiful and just the right amount of chippiness. Did you use bonding agent? If I don’t use bonding agent all the paint comes off and if I do seems like I don’t get any chipping.


    1. I did not use the bonding agent. Next week I’m going to post about a dresser I just finished where the first coat of paint mostly chipped off. My solution to that is to sand the piece more vigorously and then paint again. It worked like a charm on it. That doesn’t always work, it will depend on why so much paint is chipping off. If you are painting an old piece of wooden furniture that has a fairly dried out finish on it, it should work. If your piece has some sort of impervious factory finish, or a really glossy poly finish, you might have to take further steps to avoid over-chipping. But in the end, really, the chipping can sometimes just be hard to predict.


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