orphaned hankie drawers.

Many moons ago I came across an Eastlake style dresser that came with its two hankie drawers, but they were not attached.

orphan drawers before

 I opted to leave them off and I painted the dresser in Artissimo and called it the Patriot, maybe you remember it?

Patriot 1

You could still see shadows where the hankie drawers once sat on the top.

patriot top

I felt like the dresser was more versatile without the hankie drawers.  But, I hung onto them thinking they would be fun to paint up and used on their own.  I planned for them to be a winter project, easy to accomplish in the house.  Then they sat.  All winter.  Just never got around to them until last week.

One evening after work I needed something creative to work on, so I pulled them out and got started.  I stripped the tops, then sanded them a little and added some German stencils in black.  I sanded the stencil to give it a more weathered look and then waxed the entire top with the Cece Caldwell Aging Cream.

orphan drawer tops

I used up the very last drop of my tropical kitchen island milk paint using it as a base coat on the rest of the drawers.  Then I added two coats of MMS Linen on top of that.  I wanted to get some chipping to show the undercoat, so I waxed in a few strategic locations around the edges first.

orphan chippyI wasn’t fond of the little porcelain white knobs that came on the drawers, so I swapped them our for some old knobs in my stash.

orphan drawer knobsI lined the drawers with some pretty map paper and called them done.

orphan drawer lining

I think these could be used in lots of different ways.  For example you could use them on a farmhouse table desk to hold your pencils and post its.

orphan drawer collage

Or you could use them on the kitchen counter for extra untensils, or next to your Keurig filled with K-cups.

orphaned drawers kitchen

Judging by how creative your ideas were for the chippy wall shelf I painted last week, I think you could come up with any number of creative ways to put these orphaned drawers to use!

These will likely make their way into the Carriage House sale.  Speaking of which, June will be here before we know it and I am starting to gear up for my occasional sale which will be held on Thursday, June 11 from 5 pm to 7 pm and Friday, June 12 from 9 am to 2 pm.  Pencil it in!

16 thoughts on “orphaned hankie drawers.

    1. We hold our fall sale on Saturday, but we’ve always scheduled our June sale so that people who go to cabins and such for the weekend can still get there.


  1. Too bad you didnt do French on them. We could have put one on our marble topped island in the new French Market inspired kitchen. To hold keys, pens, stamps and whatnots.


  2. Poor little orphans!! But soon they will have a loving mama, thanks to you transforming them with your magic, or should I say, talent!! I am part German, so I love the change of German words.


  3. Ooh, I love the Keurig K-cups idea! I’ve been looking for something to do with those darn things. If you want to sell one before the sale, let me know. I only live a few miles from you and would love one.


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